More than five years ago, Riot Games opened a YouTube channel of the strangest called League of Legends-Top Secret Channel . A space on the most popular video platform on the Internet that apparently offers absolutely anything to the players. If we go to the start tab or look in videos, all that we are going to find is a message that we rarely pay attention:This channel has no content_. Apparently, neither developers nor the company’s marketing department have never used it. Although of course, if the previous phrase were true we would not even be talking about him.

What is on the secret youtube channel of League of Legends?

The truth is that if we want to talk about this YouTube channel ‘Unofficial’ of League of Legends it is because its content is fascinating. First, there are 16 videos uploaded in hidden that all players can see . This is because, although they are uploaded in a hidden mode so that only users who have a direct link can access them are part of a playlist. Simply, it seems that someone forgot to disable her or felt too much laziness to do so. In addition, and as it is content that was subsequently made public, there is no problem that only ‘semioculto’ remains and in view of whoever wants to deepen a little more.

All the videos that are part of this aforementioned playlist, except for one, are cut by the same pattern. They are simply clips of less than a minute in which fragments of footage are shown that are subsequently used to create promotional trailers of skins collections. The only exception is a video of 2 minutes and 19 seconds that, in effect, is the complete promotional material. Thus, the first part of the mystery is resolved: the main use is Share internal clips so that it can be evaluated throughout the company.

Of course, the Riot Games method is easier than sharing files that have to go through different departments to be approved. However, and although this is more than enough to justify the existence of the League of Legends Supersecreta channel, the truth is that in this same space there is another type of content that we would pay a lot of money to see. We refer to a second category of videos that include eliminated skills, phases of champion tests or new functions that no one has been able to see outside the developer.

It is totally confirmed that riot games uses this channel to share, also within the developer, the playable tests of the champions. In fact, there have been a few occasions in which the company’s workers wanted to offer the community some direct links so that some of the videos that populate this YouTube channel could see. This is how we could get the previous capture in which it is shown in an almost impossible way to understand how Red’SAI tunnels worked during the early stages of its development. The champion was a Fizz ultimate of the vacuum that crosses two thresh lanterns connected.

The question with all the videos uploaded to this secret youtube channel by Riot Games is that they have only shared years after being filmed. In this sense, more than suspicion or unfounded accusation, it is an evidence that all the data we do not know about K’Santa and perhaps some new champion that has even been officially confirmed by the developer is stored here. So close and at the same time so inaccessible for all those people who do not have a maximum level security pass in the company.


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