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Kakao Games, Umamusume Pretty Derby new Umamus Me Fujiki Kiseki update

-Handy handsome entertainer ‘Fujikiseki’ released

-‘SSR’ refreshing! Winning Shot! ‘ Mexico Ryan ‘3 support cards updates

-In a special transfer event to transfer the Umamusume, which meets the recruitment conditions

Aka Games unveiled the new Umamusume ‘Fuji Nisei’ in the mobile game Uranus Pretty Derby, developed by Sieges today (31).

The newly developed Umamusume ‘Fuji Nisei’ is a handsome entertainer who tenderly holds anyone’s hands, and is very popular among Amuses and always helps you. In addition, he is the leader of the Tito Dormitory and I think he wants to impress like the stage of his mother, the actor.

At the same time, three new support cards’ SSR [Refreshing! Winning Shot!] Mexico Ryan, SR [SR [Hui Arid] Mexico Ar dang ’and R [Tresses Academy] Mexico Ar dang added fun to foster.


Aka Games will hold a special transfer event from October 31 to November 8. ‘Special transfer’ is an event that can acquire special ‘return goods’ by transferring the Umamusume, which meets the recruitment conditions. Users can get a variety of ‘return products’ such as ‘Unamused’, ‘Money’ and ‘Support PT’ according to the recruitment that is renewed every two days.

Uranus Me Pretty Derby is a development simulation game that fosters ‘Umamusume’, which inherits the name and soul of a real race horse, and wins the race to compete to achieve each dream. Including the development, it features an overwhelming 3D graphic and a high-freedom development system.

For more information on the new content update of Uranus Me Pretty Derby, visit the brand page, official KakaoTalk channel, and the official community.

Com2us Summers War: Chronicle, expanded to Steam, North America.

-MMORPG , a global PC platform Steamer pre-booking before the launch of North America next month

-Mobile-PC, etc.

-Exigent Korea MMORPG to succeed in Western West through amenability such as IP and strategy play and manual battle

Comes will expand the service channel of the summoned MMORPG (Chronicle), which is scheduled to be released in November, to the global PC game platform steam and speed up the local market.

Com2uS has confirmed North America, the world’s largest game market, and has begun to preheat the global box office. Currently, Chronicle has been making advance reservations for North American users such as the US and Canada through global app markets and local brand sites since September.

In addition, Comes has expanded its channels to the game platform steam used by the world so that local users can play , which can be played on various devices such as mobile and PC, to be more convenient and convenient.

In North America, which has a relatively high proportion of consoles and PCs, the company plans to secure many local PC game users, and provide storytelling and deep content with sophisticated graphic quality and improved graphic quality.

In fact, Chronicle, which has been serving in Korea since August before the global launch, provides PC gameplay experience with Com2S Group’s hive cross play, proves various contents and high-quality game characteristics of MMORPG through PCs, and It is leading a favorable review.

Comes will also expand the market by increasing access to by providing a play environment in various devices such as mobile and PCs through hive cross play and allowing the PC version to enjoy the PC version with steam. Is expected.

Chronicle is the first MMORPG based on IP, Summers War: Arena of Heaven (Summers War), which has surpassed 160 million downloads. Immediately after the domestic launch, the company has achieved the top 10 popular games such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store and 10 sales tops, and has been well-received for its strategy fun game performance and differentiated contents.

In particular, the collection, strategic deck composition, and manual combat that tasted the flavors of various pumps are regarded as a distinction from domestic genre games, and is expected to be the first MMORPG to succeed in the Western market based on this excellent gameability.

Meanwhile, Chronicle is the world’s largest game market in November, and Summers War IP fandom will pioneer the global market from North America, which is the most widely prominent. Since then, the company plans to expand the service area sequentially based on the achievements and know-how of the Korean and North American markets and grow into another K game connecting Summers War.

Extremely frightening: demonstrator Bellingham captivates BVB

The youngster is absolutely set for train Edwin Eric. During the video game he was delayed this time by the defensive to the offending midfield. Jew went prepared for again. It was a huge fight, praised Eric.

He obtains really terrifying, that fits, it is Halloween now. He definitely fits in, goalkeeper Gregor Nobel joked after the 2-1 win in the top video game at Eintracht Frankfurt.

The one in charge in the video game of Borussia Dortmund was Jude Bellingham at the age of 19. The whole period is now the English also scores the critical goals.

Bellingham might also play an important role for England’s nationwide team at the Globe Mug in Qatar (November 20 to December 18).

In addition to goalkeeper Nobel, BVB also owed this to the goalkeeper Bellingham. Bellingham had actually racked up 2 goals in the 5-0 against VfB Stuttgart in the previous week.

He is obtaining cooler and also very superior to the round. He made a jump once more, enthused Nobel.

Xbox Series X|S: Microsoft

Microsoft can be pleased. Even if the Xbox Series X | s drag with PlayStation 5 in direct competitors, it is a terrific success. The predecessor consoles can not keep up.

Microsoft boasts of the Xbox family members

Nevertheless, Microsoft does not just concentrate on the Xbox Collection X | s. The remainder of the Xbox network can additionally celebrate success . Nadella speaks about Xbox Cloud Pc Gaming, with which games might be offered totally new tools such as smartphones, tablets, TVs and low-performance Computers. The AGO Solution Xbox Video game Pass now includes numerous games.

In his yearly record on LinkedIn, the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reveals just how effective the Xbox Collection X | s really is . Appropriately, the present generation of gaming consoles is one of the most successful of all time. Nothing else Xbox console would have marketed so often in the exact same duration.

With the prepared acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the gamers might additionally offer the gamers much more alternatives, Where, when as well as how they intend to play . The very same puts on designers who could pick in between even more sales and also service versions. The takeover would enable brand-new innovations and also assist the entire market grow (resource: LinkedIn).

_ We explain to you what the acquisition of Activision Blizzard indicates: _

Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard-what does that suggest? Sign up for us
on YouTube

Takeover of Activision Blizzard is not yet particular

Nonetheless, not every one of them are so confident concerning the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The British competitive authority (CMA), for instance, is presently examining the deal to see whether rivals like Sony get a decisive disadvantage . Large games like Phone call of Responsibility will quickly be at home at Microsoft.

In his yearly record on LinkedIn, the Microsoft Chief executive officer Satya Nadella exposes just how successful the Xbox Collection X | s truly is . Microsoft does not only focus on the Xbox Series X | s. In the training course of the evaluation, Microsoft additionally had to confess that the PlayStation of the Xbox is clearly superior. Microsoft can only reveal 63.7 million Xbox gaming consoles.

Throughout the evaluation, Microsoft also had to admit that the PlayStation of the Xbox is plainly superior. A straight comparison of the sales numbers would certainly therefore reveal that around 2021 around 151.4 million PlayStation gaming consoles had actually been marketed . Microsoft can just reveal 63.7 million Xbox consoles.

Análisis de OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone

It has been a good year for Roll7: the British study published at the beginning of the year Olliolli World , surely its best game and one of the most outstanding releases of 2022, and not only have they had time to surprise with another game, the intelligible roller dome, but have been expanding the skate arcade with two expansions, void riders and this new Finding the Flow zone , with which they close the expansion pass, put an end to Olliolli World and leave it prepared for A last walk through the media before the lists of the best of the year begin to flourish. I do not know how they will have lived from within, but it is pleased, from here, to enjoy the production of a study that seems to have an infinite creative capacity.

The Finding The Flow zone proposal is simple: a collection of new advanced levels, with more challenges, more collectible and more opportunities to do Tricks impossible taking advantage of the air currents around which the new routes rotate. These air currents are a less groundbreaking idea than those introduced in Void Riders; They do not change so drastically the approach to the levels, and are usually used to give accusers or to invest the direction in which you move. There are times when they are used in more unexpected or twisted ways, but they are the least; Perhaps I would have liked to see more of these, but it is difficult not of the advanced uses that can be found at the new levels) possibly the result would have been too baroque, too much as a setback of what happens in the rest of the game.

Olliolli World analysis

It is the way in which all these ideas, new and old, which ends up giving the pop touch to the set are emphasized. ESA Worldof the title refers to the world that you are going through throughout the game, as you advance by levels; It is a relatively small and contained world, but that manages to be consistent-there is a cartoon, characters, the feeling that you are really moving towards something and going through a living and inhabited territory-and seem gigantic: each level has its particularity, its Inhabitants, SU_ gimmick , something that distinguishes it from others, and as you advance they also add ideas at a good pace, expanding the list of pieces with which they are built with jumps andrails _Holy large, alternative routes, posters and Candelas on which to do wall rides ,Quarter Pipeswhich allow changing the direction of the march. It is a real banquet of ideas that are built on the basis of the originals but that go much further, and that take advantage of the jump to the 3D to gain a depth that does not stay on the surface or in the purely aesthetic: the playable jump It is equally important or more, and Roll7 gets the difficult feat of winning accessibility without waiting for the game or making the skill roof lower.

Read the complete analysis »

Because, separate hypothesis, the truth is that again Roll7 proves to have a surprisingly clear idea of what he wants to get with Olliolli World and how he wants to do it; There is a rhythm, some pesos, a concept of the multicar level as a place to explore, to overcome and finally to squeeze in search of high scores, which is immediately recognizable. The sensation is even more marked in Finding The Flow zone, which seeks to function as a review and climax of all the ideas that are proposed throughout the main campaign levels. Each area of the four that make up the DLC seeks to reflect, from the clouds, what happens in the field underneath, with a triumphal outcome in the radlántida that works as a final test in which to demonstrate that you know well all the mechanics of Olliolli World

They are all bright levels, fun to the first and amazing when you repeat them several times in search of the map pieces, three per level, which allow you to continue advancing through the kingdom of the clouds. The extreme routes are as extreme as ever, and this time there are also routes to die, as the game calls them, more difficult to find and even more difficult to overcome. These optional routes are the most obvious way to find pieces of map, but the great design of Olliolli World makes them end up being, when there are no longer collectibles in sight, the best way to gain time of rail and manual to expand combos and accumulate points. In that sense, they are undoubtedly the most difficult levels to score; Not only have many tricks to be done in very little space, as in others, but you have to do them in sections full of very tight, rails that require millimeter precision and changes of direction that turn the route into a labyrinth in which it is more Difficult to never get to the goal in a single combo.


Only one level has caused me something like a disappointment: the last. It is a long level, in which all the obstacles of the game are mixed, demanding and full of very spectacular moments; To top it off there is no checkpoints, so there is no other than to do it from beginning to end. But I have the feeling that it could have been a bit more difficult: perhaps unjustly difficult, excessively difficult, surprisingly difficult. I would like to have had to dedicate an hour, two, one whole day to finish that last level, have crowned as a radlántida champion sweating blood. I would have liked Roll7 to have released the mane and betrayed for once the exquisite balance that guides all Olliolli World and a more explosive final Tracey would have been allowed.

Olliolli World Analysis: Void Riders

_ That is possibly the best news of Void Riders : The confirmation that Olliolli World is not exhausted. With this DLC, Roll7 demonstrates that what they achieved with the third installment of the series was not a coincidence or luck, but the fruit of years of study and reflection, of a deep knowledge of the virtues of games that were born as a sympathetic fun for Fans of the precise and compact arcades and that has ended up shaping one of the most resounding video games of the year.

Read the complete analysis »

Do not be misunderstood: if you are like me, and you find a special pleasure in squeezing each level of Olliolli World, completing them as thoroughly as possible and even, if it is third, climbing by the leaderboards based on memorizing and dominating each section of Obsessive way, Finding The Flow zone is an essential. I like that Roll7 has thus raised the expansion pass, with a mixture of new ideas and situations simply more difficult, designed for those of us already know the main campaign of PE A PA; It can be played as a continuation of the basic levels, but the study is clear that everything is not worth it to put things difficult and the same rigor in the design applies to the entire game, the main and the expansions. It is an approach to the very sensitive and intelligent difficulty, worried about being consistent and grateful and not only for going further because they can. If I have to stay with something, I stay with that; But how far Roll7 could have arrived if I had decided to go one step further? What would have happened if, for once, they would have transcended their own limits and would have made-to find that-the possible and even the impossible, if the impossible is possible?

I fantasize again. Finding The Flow zone invites you to do it; It may help to know what is the last stop of one of the games that I have enjoyed the most this year. Closing his Skater fantasy in style, Roll7 gets with this second DLC to raise-literally-Olliolli World a little more, and incidentally serves to have it a little more present when remembering the best thing that has left us this 2022 that is not precisely little assorted of good games. For many years of skate more!

F1 Manager 2022: There will be additional updates in the future

_ Update from October 28, 4:47 pm: _

The F1 Manager appeared on August 30th in 2022-and his time has actually currently come. Because designer Frontier Advancement will certainly quickly stop assistance for simulation.

In the first declaration, it was only an inquiry of inserting brand-new important gameplay attributes in the F1 Manager 2022 for the designers. Nonetheless, it was not possible to set basic updates.

To state it really plainly: We will certainly remain to sustain the F1 Supervisor 2022 with a number of updates that are currently in prep work as well as emphasis on one of the most important subjects resolved by the area, claimed the area supervisor Frontier_f1Mchris.

This was introduced by the area manager Frontier_f1Mchris on Reddit. The group is currently still servicing a larger upgrade, adhered to by a final line. Only smaller patches that no more make changes to the video game mechanics are still assured.

In the meanwhile, developer Frontier Advancement has actually reported to words and clarified the situation in a new statement. The update assistance will certainly for that reason not be quit quickly, however will most definitely be offered after that.

_ Initial message: _

F1 Supervisor 2022: Focus on new F1 projects

One more factor why the early support end is so seriously seen is the truth that the F1 Supervisor 2022 remains to have many issue areas. Above all, the AI is still a sticking factor, according to various comments.

Another customer meanwhile summarizes it as follows: I imply, I can comprehend that you currently intend to concentrate on the F1 Supervisor 2023 to do it far better than 2022, but only 2 months updates? And the updates even hear before that At the end of the F1 period? Damn it, that’s hard…
Unsurprisingly, this statement is not so well obtained by the gamers. Many are visibly let down in the remarks and sometimes even angry. The Reddit user Features claims: This is dreadful! I am sorry for having bought this game and also will deny the next game.

As the reason for the assistance of the assistance, Frontier points out advancement that the growth team is forced to focus on the focus on future F1 supervisor jobs. This is the only means to make certain that upcoming video games manipulate their prospective and also satisfy the assumptions of the area and the team, claimed the phrasing in the Reddit contribution.

visual updates in the last update

Numerous players question whether the last major update solutions a number of these problems. The news to the upgrade states that the focus is above all the aesthetic upgrade of the automobile designs. For instance, vehicle components and paints are adapted to the existing period and must vary much more from each various other relying on the team.


Furthermore, the fuel consumption is adjusted during the credentials conferences and fixed the formerly incorrect estimations of the estimated race time. On top of that, the update must include more optimizations, yet there are no information about.

Last current video clip: Statement trailer

The group is presently still functioning on a larger update, followed by a final line. One more customer meanwhile summarizes it as complies with: I mean, I can comprehend that you currently desire to concentrate on the F1 Supervisor 2023 to do it far better than 2022, but just 2 months updates? And also the updates also hear prior to that At the end of the F1 period? Fairly a few gamers question whether the last significant upgrade fixes many of these issues. The statement to the upgrade states that the emphasis is over all the visual upgrade of the vehicle models.

Baroque city playmaker Pomnitz: Football

Climbing SG Baroque city Fulda-Lehnerz is the shock group of the Regionally Suggest. Numerous had the newbie as one of the best relegation prospects on the slip, yet after an excellent third of the season, the team far surpassed all assumptions.

Point appears to have actually arrived football. In the club, now additionally in the ideal league. The local league is an amazing great deal of fun. You need to always remember that all gamers are dealing with an irreversible work and also train four times a week at night. This is a substantial effort, however it is worth it, claims Point, that himself as an instructor operates at an extensive school in Bad Herself. There he is a class teacher of a sixth grade and also needs to report on the video game days over and over. There are some kids who play in the Junior Yessenia. There is already speaking about football during the breaks.

A guarantee of the wave of success is Leon Point. The playmaker still sticks out from an outstanding group performance with a lot of heart as well as enthusiasm, is the template of most Baroque city objectives, as well as his criteria are actual weapons. We are literally a little in the valley, states Point, which is certain that we respond to and will certainly adjust our playing style appropriately.

the insane train Schooner

In his time in Perfume, Point lived in the boarding school with Mitchell Weiser (Welder Bremen) as well as Marcel Schumer as well as Jannie Müller (both SV Darmstadt 98). It was additionally a bit of myself, on myself My being, he discusses self-critically why he did not make it to the specialists in Perfume. I am not one who unloads the elbows or places himself in the foreground.

Football is the Borussia Dortmund follower with itself, and it likewise runs smoothly. In the meanwhile, the specialist that has actually expanded in the area of Full lives in the district community itself, his child Live is commemorating her very first birthday this Thursday. The subject of specialist football is (largely) completed. Everything would need to fit. In my job as an educator, I could stop briefly and also my household would need to go with me. But these are all dreaming, Point genuinely classifies his opportunities.

I can stop in my occupation as a teacher and also my family members would need to go with me. These are all dreams.

Leon Pomnnitz concerning a brand-new effort in the expert area

As a teenager, he himself based on the threshold of specialist football. He played in the U 17 and also U 19 of 1. FC Cologne for 3 years. There he educated under Boris Schooner, later a professional trainer of 1. FC Nuremberg and 1. FC Kaiserslautern. It was an insane train. I learned a lot with him.

I came to Lerner from Fragrance U 19 in 2014 as well as took part in the merging of the clubs for the SG Baroque city. In the group, it is right, and also the present development is also extremely happy, claims Point, that last who experienced one or the various other great anecdote. I recently stood at the web traffic lights, an elderly gent stirred the home window down and also desired me great luck for the game.


The playmaker still extends from a remarkable group efficiency with a great deal of heart and also passion, is the layout of most Baroque city objectives, and also his standards are actual tools. We are literally a bit in the valley, says Point, which is certain that we counter as well as will certainly adapt our playing style accordingly. Point appears to have shown up football. In his time in Cologne, Point lived in the boarding college with Mitchell Weiser (Welder Bremen) as well as Marcel Schumer and also Jannie Müller (both SV Darmstadt 98). In the group, it is right, and also the present growth is likewise very pleased, claims Point, who last who experienced one or the various other wonderful story.

More children like master chiefs for children! Expanded partnership with HALO developers with organizations that provide prostheses

343 Industries has announced that it will expand its partnership with Limitless Solutions, a non-profit organization that offers prostheses for children who have lost their limbs.

Limitless Solutions is a non-profit organization based at Central Florida University, and began as a student group in 2014. The two have partnered since 2018, and have been providing HALO specifications.

With this partnership expansion, the motif of the master chief of Halo Infinite and the CATHERINE-B320 KAT that appears in Halo: REACH is a lineup motif. It will be added to. KAT is also a character wearing her prosthesis because she lost her arm during the mission, and shows her courage and tenacity.


Limitless Solutions is a demonstration of technology that controls prostheses through training video games at Halo World Championship, which will be held in Seattle from October 20 to 23 local hours, and Halo content creators donate. It is said that he will call.

How are lol skills created? The answer is on Sylas Skills

Talking about League of Legends champions is always a synonym for controversy. Every time a new character is released, the community loves him or hates him, he finds him too strong or too weak, among other topics. One of the champions who most talked about its release was Silas, the abbey, which caused a lot of shock in the community because of its unique ultimate, capable of stealing the cults of its opponents. But is she that unique?

Cults are not exactly the only thing Silas steals from their opponents. Some visual effects of the champion’s skills come from other LOL characters, which is actually quite common and has been commented by the game’s own developers: they often use some skill to create other skills.


Silas q-illlaoi q

The Silas whip Q-Current is this way, in part, to the Million tentacle J-Hope. Both skills do practically the same thing: crush their own weapon hard to harm the opponent. Although there may not seem like similarities in the beginning, these effects are very focused on the impact at the end of the skill and slit they create from the huge blow they gave.

Silas E-Leblanc and

The second part of Evasion/Abduction is one of Silas’ most effective as it helps us enter many fights along with our Ultimate so that we can make a big impact on Summoner’s Rift. It looks like Leblanc is partially guilty of this chain throwing effect coming from us.

Here the inspiration is quite noticeable, because although Whereas currents is thinner, the casting effect is practically the same, but a little slower.

Silas R-Bitzcrank Q

Last but not least, we find the Ultimate of Silas, with which he can take the Ultimate of other champions, but even this skill is not original. Her base effects come from blitz crank, with her bionic Q-Put, specifically at the Skin Lancers Redeemer. This is possibly the most explicit effect, as both have chains and end up with a kind of gothic/mechanical arm.

Thus, we have only Regina, which is initially the only completely original movement of Silas.

Discord: Watch Together for YouTube and much more

In Nitro Basic you obtain the possibility to use personalized emojis and histories for $2.99 each month, and upload documents with a dimension of 50 MB. The nitro classic subscription, which was formerly bookable for $4.99, is replaced and can no more be reactivated. However, existing subscribers to Nitro Standard can proceed their memberships.

The music robots are changed with Watch Together, the announcement was made a year earlier and has been tested by chosen user teams since after that. Discord customers can currently develop a YouTube playlist and also join pals of this activity to enjoy as well as hear.

While Nitro Basic is presently available in the United States, the FAQ advises that interested individuals from other areas need to routinely examine the status under user setups to locate out whether it is already readily available in their region.

With the most up-to-date Discord Update, tasks begin that include enjoyable games and YouTube assimilation. In the USA, a brand-new membership version for $2.99 monthly has likewise been released with Nitro Basic.


Two of the tasks are cost free for all individuals: See With each other to enjoy YouTube videos with each other and place PUTT party, a miniature golf game. There are 7 more video games such as Texas hold’em, chess as well as tiny parlor game offered, however these have to be started by a nitro individual, after which all other customers can join. Each video game has its own limitation of the number of participants, some titles will certainly enable a limitless amount of individuals.

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