Overwatch 2 has undergone many changes, including new heroes, maps, game modes, functions and much more. They looked at some features positively, at others negatively, at others with some trepidation. One of the features that caused some concern is that Blizzard records the voice chat in Overwatch 2. This may make you ask of why Overwatch 2 records the voice chat.


Blizzard will record the voice chat of its players, like Valiant, in order to restrain negative, derogatory and other harmful behavior , in particular, through speech. When recording and analyzing voice records for the toxic activity of its players, Blizzard hopes to make Overwatch 2 a safer and more caring community.

Does Overwatch 2 records of the voice chat?

The answer is positive-Blizzard temporarily save records of the voice chat. These records will be deleted automatically , no later than 30 days after the initial registration. Records should be deleted faster, since their analysis is a quick process.

Whether this new function in Overwatch 2 will be a hit or failure is still unknown. There are potential problems with this system that can lead to false banks. In any case, follow what you say during the game, behave politely and enjoy the game in Overwatch 2.

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