Global game company electronic arts korea (EA Korea) is ‘The Sims 4’ (‘Sims 4’) from September 29 (Thu) to October 18 (Tue) Recruit the story of the ‘Shim Kings’ campaign.

In the ‘Sim Kings’ campaign, ‘Sim Kings’ is a compound word of ‘Sim King’, which is surprised or exciting enough to be thumped and played, and EA’s representative simulation game ‘Sims 4’. Based on the relevant stories and the selective stories, famous panels will showcase a round table content that provides love counseling solutions.

This campaign story entry can be submitted by submitting a story through a separate event page on the official youtube channel of Ripple’S and EA Korea.

In addition, the selected content will be implemented more vividly through ‘Sims 4’, which will provide more fun and interest to game users and fans.


The panel of this campaign includes the YouTube channel ‘Ripple’S’ (LIM Yeo-jin, Yew Jun-ho), Gag woman Lee Fungi, and Creator Raised, with about 630,000 subscribers, and judges whether they are real ‘Sim King’. It is scheduled to be released. Here, ‘Sim King’ may be a heart kings according to love, but it may be a sadness.

More details can be found on the official youtube channel of ‘Ripple’S’ and ‘EA Korea’.

Meanwhile, ‘Sims 4’ will be based on the EA app or Origin ™, STEAM® PC/MAC®, PlayStation® 5, PlayStation® 4, from October 18, 2022 (2 am in Korea time). The Xbox Series X | s and the Xbox One system can be downloaded for free. As the Sims 4 basic game is provided free of charge, the EA and MAXIS teams will continue to develop and launch meaningful packs, kits and Sims Delivery Express for game users. Users who have purchased the basic game of ‘Sims 4’ by October 17th can download the brilliant desert kit for free.