In order to accentuate the schedule of spot 1.23 for Grandmother Tourism 7, Sony published a short trailer. Right here the three new automobiles are offered in fast run, which are included in the video game by the upgrade.

these 3 automobiles are added

  1. Volkswagen ID. R 2019: The model of an electric car and truck that has established up speed records all over the world.
  2. Nissan Silvia K’s Kind S 1994: raised deluxe in a large body format.
  3. Porsche Vision Grandma Tourism Spider: An advanced sporting activities automobile. The twin electrical motor layout has 1098 hp, while the wind resistant system has been optimized for all driving situations.

In the remarks, the gamers share their dreams relating to more innovations. An individual requests for an actual campaign mode while somebody else wishes for a track pack. An offline setting is also stated below.

In addition to the racing vehicles, there are two brand-news capes. This is a brand-new variant for California and one for Tokyo. Utilize both escapes to take even more wonderful shots of your cars.


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Grandmother Tourism 7 has actually been readily available for PS5 and PS4 given that March 4 of this year. The PS4 version is even offered for 49.69 euros.

It stays to be seen what polyphony will electronically apply. As quickly as details is offered, you will locate it asap on .

Gran Tourism 7 has actually been available for PS5 and PS4 since March 4 of this year.

porsche vision grandmother Tourism Spider: An advanced sports cars and truck. In enhancement to the racing automobiles, there are two news capes. Utilize the 2 escapes to take more great shots of your automobiles.