To move the FIFA 22 FIFA 23 FIFA 23, you need to enter the FIFA 23 on the console or PC for the first time. A pop-up message will appear with whether you want to translate the FIFA glasses to FIFA 23. Keep in mind that a pop-up message about the postponing of glasses will appear only once, so you will not have the opportunity to translate the FIFA points again.

The transfer is not available in the concomitant FIFA application, so you will have to run the FIFA 23 with a console or an PC account with which you are going to play. The transfer is irreversible, so be careful if you play the test version of EA Play, because you cannot return your glasses if you do not get the full version of the game.

Is it possible to transmit FIFA glasses between platforms?

FIFA glasses can be transferred to FIFA 23 only on the consoles of the same family. You can move the FIFA 22 glasses from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X/S and vice versa, but you can’t transfer them between the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Between FIFA 22 and FIFA 23, only FIFA glasses can be transmitted. Ultimate Team items, coins, players and team settings will be reset.


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