Disney Dream light Valley is a fascinating adventure-symbol, full of cult characters in Disney, which we know and love. You have to become the hero of the valley, helping the characters restore peace and harmony on Earth and save it from evil magic. So many things need to be done, from craft and cooking to establishing friendly relations with your favorite characters. And, according to the players on Reddit, in the future there may be much more characters in the game. They found a leak of information through Steam game files, in which all the characters that could be added.

Although officially these characters will not enter the valley, there are sound files in the game files that suggest that they can do this. You can look yourself by opening steam , Click with the right mouse button on the game and selecting viewing local files . Found files.txt were inside:

Disney Dream light Valley/DDV_DATA/StreamingAssets/Audio/GeneratedsoundBanks/Windows/English (USA)

All the upcoming leaks of the characters Disney Dream light Valley

After removing all the names of the characters that we already have in the game, these are characters from the list, which, according to rumors, will appear in the valley in the near future.

  • Aladdin
  • Alice
  • The beast
  • Belle
  • Boo
  • Topic
  • Hum
  • Cheshire Cat

  • Cinderella

* Jobsworth
* Last
* Eve
* The Cross Fairy
* Flounder
* Finn
* Forks
* Frosty zone
* Gaston
* Genie
* Hades
* Hercules
* Afar
* Jasmine
* King Triton
* Lumber
* Mad Hatter
* Regard
* Mike
* Mr. incredible
* Calamari
* Olaf
* Phil
* Prince Charming
* Rumba
* Queen of hearts
* Radii
* Ralph
* Randall
* Rapunzel
* Ray
* Rex
* Scar
* Sebastian
* Saar
* Simba
* Stitch
* Sally
* Syndrome
* Timon
* Knock
* Vanilla
* Woody

We hope that these characters will really appear in the Dream light Valley, along with all other iconic characters with whom players can already interact. They will reveal new opportunities and opportunities for friendship in the game. Stay tuned!

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