Call of Duty War zone is about to change completely with the arrival of War zone 2.0. It is time to leave the weapons in the gunsmith and attend a theoretical class to know all the challenges you are going to face in the coming months.

The Call of Duty Next event, held on September 15, revealed the first official details of War zone 2 and all the changes it brings. They are enough to disrupt everything you know about War z1. Then I tell you in an orderly and brief way everything we know so far, and you should know.

War zone 2.0: Prepare before jumping to the battlefield

War zone 2.0 Change the way of playing War z1. The first and most important change is the map. Welcome to to March ! It is an atmosphere away from what wines in true and boiler. Now we fight in a region inspired by the Middle East, which is where the conflict of Modern Warfare II (campaign) develops.

The map has many areas of interest. Below you can see an advance of many of them. A peculiarity of Al March is that it has a lot of water , more than War zone has never had (not counting the sea). A river crosses the entire map winding. It is very difficult to play a complete game without passing close to it.

That said, we go to the second change, the most drastic of all and that will force you to rethink all your game strategies. The circles’ system gets naughty for War zone 2.0.

Circles System: The Great Storm

Now multiple random circles appear on the map (1) that will be closed until a minimum size (2) is reached and will finally move until they congenital at a specific point (3) and close as we have known so far.

This system gives a lot of game to customization: the number of circles will determine the course of your departure. Knowing how to read in what circle to be according to your position will be (undoubtedly) determining for your victory. Now you should not only choose the position within the circle, but the circle itself.

What is going to push the players to the center of the circles will be a storm with anomalies in the meteorological patterns… hence it is divided into several safe areas.

In addition, the Map of War zone 2.0 will have certain AI characters, a kind of mini-chief that protects a specific area in which there is equipment or anything else. Apparently until now, they are not too powerful characters, although it will force you to kill him if you want what he defends.

The AI will not actively chase you or your squad, and you can choose never to interact with them. IA fighters have a variety of levels of lethality and behaviors and, usually, are found in specific map areas. While they can defend their territory as a CDL professional, they will not seek combat.

The good news is that will not chase you in case of detecting. It has an action zone, and you will only attack if you invade and attack it. This is another interesting addition for future events and secrets. Their behavior is natural and can kill you.

Improved mobility: Aquatic combat

The mobility of Modern Warfare II and War zone 2.0 are infinitely better than that of their predecessors. Now you can lean in the corners (better), raffling and climbing is much more fluid and fast, you can grab your outgoing to hide and make ambush, and fight in the water.

The Aquatic Combat has been improved and includes physical for all weapons, including throwing. The ballistics of weapons are affected by the water and will take into account the caliber of the weapon. Throwing a throwing in the water has the same effect as in real life.

The Gulag: More players, more dynamic

The number of players during the games of War zone 2.0 has increased, this means that a more dynamic and fast gulag is necessary. This area is the third big change of the sequel:

will fight for pairs (duos)
You will have to*collect the equipment
(random) from the ground. You appear with nothing.
* The official blog says:

Optionally, your Gulag combat can include the search for a combatant known as the jailer, eliminate it and use its key as an exhaust means. Do not forget to loot as you advance; You will take the whole team with you if you win.

New vehicle: road, air and water

* New vehicles: More than a dozen unique vehicles that have life (damages) and gasoline tanks are added. You have to worry about repairing and replenishing them. The wheels can be punctured.

The store: a radical change

The War zone 2.0 internal store, which you can find on the map while playing, has changed completely. Here you can buy and update your equipment and weapons. This last sentence is important because you can customize the weapons configurations you created before entering the game.

Rescue a squad companion *: You can buy the return of a teammate that has been eliminated, it has returned or not from the Gulag.
Team : You can buy basic equipment such as gas masks and protective plates, among others.
Buy pre-established weapons : It ended up buying the full classes as such. Now you can buy concrete weapons that you set up before entering the game. Tactical and lethal tools are very common land booties. The advantages will not be available in Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 during its launch.
* Limited equipment : There will be some articles that will have limited stock during the games. Once all units have been bought, no player will have access to them.

These are all the changes of War zone 2.0 that we know so far! There is much to know, especially of the new Loiter, Gun play and Equipment system during the games. You can be sure that there will be another guide focused on gameplay.

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