The best way to increase your experience, profit and experience is to buy food and drinks in a Crab-N-GO van in a multi-user lobby. But you will need to get tickets before you can buy them. This can make you ask how to get tickets for food and drinks in Platoon 3.

How to get Crab-N-GO tickets in Platoon 3

There are three ways to get Crab-N-GO tickets for food and drinks in various Platoon 3. These modes: this:

  • Campaign

  • Salmon run
  • Shell car

Many of the Platoon 3 campaign levels will reward you with Crab-N-GO tickets, which you can use in multi-user matches. This is the most common and simple way to earn this currency, although in the end you will end with the campaign levels.

Salmon run can reward you with Crab-N-GO tickets, but this is random and is not guaranteed. However, this is a good source of tickets, as you can play Salmon Run endlessly. Finally, you can randomly use sink machine in the lobby to get tickets. We recommend using only the first time with a discount daily until you accumulate enough money.

How long is food stored in Platoon 3?

After you buy food or drink, they will be enough for 20 matches . This means that you can use the advantages of 20 times, which will greatly simplify gaining experience, money and skills. Try your best to get the maximum benefit of food in Platoon 3.


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