Without a doubt, one of the series that has transcended the most in the world is that of Malcolm in the middle, which became great thanks to its iconic characters and interesting episodes direction. And while many of his actors have continued with his careers, Erik Per Sullivan , who gave life to Dewey , has become almost a missing media.

Even, Frankie Muniz, who played the own Malcolm , has given his statements regarding the projects he has Sullivan :

To be honest, I don’t know what he is plotting. I hate to say that because I have spoken with him several times since the program ended. I have spoken a lot with his parents. When he was in the band, we went and played in the city where he lives and his parents came to the show, but he unfortunately could not attend.

But one thing I know, some actors or some people simply did it when they were children and then wanted to experience other things and live a more normal life outside the center of attention. I think that’s what I wanted to do, good for him.


On past occasions a revival for Malcolm in the middle had been mentioned, something that unfortunately was ruled out, since not all actors could participate in the show. However, many fans will stay with that first series that everyone loved, even now is available on streaming platform such as Disney Plus .