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Love counseling with a game? Sims 4, Sim Kungs campaign

Global game company electronic arts korea (EA Korea) is ‘The Sims 4’ (‘Sims 4’) from September 29 (Thu) to October 18 (Tue) Recruit the story of the ‘Shim Kings’ campaign.

In the ‘Sim Kings’ campaign, ‘Sim Kings’ is a compound word of ‘Sim King’, which is surprised or exciting enough to be thumped and played, and EA’s representative simulation game ‘Sims 4’. Based on the relevant stories and the selective stories, famous panels will showcase a round table content that provides love counseling solutions.

This campaign story entry can be submitted by submitting a story through a separate event page on the official youtube channel of Ripple’S and EA Korea.

In addition, the selected content will be implemented more vividly through ‘Sims 4’, which will provide more fun and interest to game users and fans.


The panel of this campaign includes the YouTube channel ‘Ripple’S’ (LIM Yeo-jin, Yew Jun-ho), Gag woman Lee Fungi, and Creator Raised, with about 630,000 subscribers, and judges whether they are real ‘Sim King’. It is scheduled to be released. Here, ‘Sim King’ may be a heart kings according to love, but it may be a sadness.

More details can be found on the official youtube channel of ‘Ripple’S’ and ‘EA Korea’.

Meanwhile, ‘Sims 4’ will be based on the EA app or Origin ™, STEAM® PC/MAC®, PlayStation® 5, PlayStation® 4, from October 18, 2022 (2 am in Korea time). The Xbox Series X | s and the Xbox One system can be downloaded for free. As the Sims 4 basic game is provided free of charge, the EA and MAXIS teams will continue to develop and launch meaningful packs, kits and Sims Delivery Express for game users. Users who have purchased the basic game of ‘Sims 4’ by October 17th can download the brilliant desert kit for free.

Why does Overwatch 2 record a voice chat?

Overwatch 2 has undergone many changes, including new heroes, maps, game modes, functions and much more. They looked at some features positively, at others negatively, at others with some trepidation. One of the features that caused some concern is that Blizzard records the voice chat in Overwatch 2. This may make you ask of why Overwatch 2 records the voice chat.


Blizzard will record the voice chat of its players, like Valiant, in order to restrain negative, derogatory and other harmful behavior , in particular, through speech. When recording and analyzing voice records for the toxic activity of its players, Blizzard hopes to make Overwatch 2 a safer and more caring community.

Does Overwatch 2 records of the voice chat?

The answer is positive-Blizzard temporarily save records of the voice chat. These records will be deleted automatically , no later than 30 days after the initial registration. Records should be deleted faster, since their analysis is a quick process.

Whether this new function in Overwatch 2 will be a hit or failure is still unknown. There are potential problems with this system that can lead to false banks. In any case, follow what you say during the game, behave politely and enjoy the game in Overwatch 2.

Additional information about Overwatch see. Is it possible to get Overwatch skins in Overwatch 2? And is Overwatch 2 cross-platform? In professional game guides.

Cod Modern War 2: This beta

Telephone call of Responsibility: Modern War 2 shows up in a month. Until after that, designer workshop Infinity Ward wishes to transform a lot, based on the comments that has actually been obtained as a large multiplayer beta. It was apparently an outright success as well as the best beta in the Telephone call of Obligation story.

COD Modern War 2: The giant beta is over and assists with renovations

Currently, during the beta, some improvements were revealed with regard to the action sound as well as applied prior to completion of the last phase. Extra comes until the shooter shows up at the end of October, as programmer workshop Infinity Ward as soon as again discusses in detail in its very own blog entry.

The beta was massive: According to Infinity Ward, the big multiplayer beta to modern-day War 2 from last weekend is claimed to have been the largest. Extra players, more matches, even more hrs than ever were tape-recorded in the biggest beta in the Call of Duty story.

That should alter:

Nevertheless, can change anything after the release. We even firmly think that tools tuning, harmonizing and some various other elements will remain to be filed. Simply because it has actually constantly been the situation and also the tool meta (i.e. the allegedly ideal shooting beats) can always keep fresh.
| Stepping sounds:
The responses has actually become much more favorable due to the modifications, however the steps of opponents and friends must be stabilized also better until the launch.| Visibility of enemies: Here also it rises, but should be more repaired. Opponents ought to be better identified and tracked.| Dissolve Lobbies: Till the launch is still seeking possible services for the problem.| Defense adversary: ** Right here too, Infinity was very pleased, however wishes to strive for even more improvements.

When it comes to the advantages as well as the screen of the red dots on the minimal, if opponents shoot, nothing ought to change. This was currently clarified in the very first intermediate contribution to the beta comments which most likely remains that method.

Take a look at the trailer once more right here:

A Lot More concerning Cod Modern Warfare 2 here:

When is the launch? It doesn’t take long: In simply one month, extra specifically October 28, 2022, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Collection X/S, Xbox One as well as the computer show up. At the very least if nothing comes in between.
| Modern War 2-nostalgia: 2009 audio in 2022-Beta stirs up memories | Leakage: RAID mode allegedly looks like Fate strike, just more tactical | Modern Warfare 2: On operator is PlayStation-exclusive, so you obtain it **

Suit against Activision Snowstorm : Against Call of Duty-Publisher Activision Snowstorm, a claim for discrimination, sexual attack and also poor working problems is currently underway. All info concerning the claims of a few months ago can be found here, every little thing regarding the detraction about CEO Bobby Kick here. A remark by Gamer editor-in-chief Rae Grimm concerning our reporting on the subject can be found here.

What else would you change to the launch if you could? What troubled you in the beta?

can alter anything after the release. Legal Action against Activision Blizzard : Versus Call of Duty-Publisher Activision Blizzard, a claim for discrimination, sex-related attack and also bad working problems is currently underway. When is the launch? It does not take lengthy: In just one month, extra precisely October 28, 2022, Telephone Call of Responsibility Modern War 2 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Collection X/S, Xbox One and the PC appear. What else would you alter to the launch if you could?

Grandmother Turismo 7: Spot 1.23 prepares – the 3 brand-new automobiles in the video clip

In order to accentuate the schedule of spot 1.23 for Grandmother Tourism 7, Sony published a short trailer. Right here the three new automobiles are offered in fast run, which are included in the video game by the upgrade.

these 3 automobiles are added

  1. Volkswagen ID. R 2019: The model of an electric car and truck that has established up speed records all over the world.
  2. Nissan Silvia K’s Kind S 1994: raised deluxe in a large body format.
  3. Porsche Vision Grandma Tourism Spider: An advanced sporting activities automobile. The twin electrical motor layout has 1098 hp, while the wind resistant system has been optimized for all driving situations.

In the remarks, the gamers share their dreams relating to more innovations. An individual requests for an actual campaign mode while somebody else wishes for a track pack. An offline setting is also stated below.

In addition to the racing vehicles, there are two brand-news capes. This is a brand-new variant for California and one for Tokyo. Utilize both escapes to take even more wonderful shots of your cars.


Additional records on Gran Tourism 7.


Grandmother Tourism 7 has actually been readily available for PS5 and PS4 given that March 4 of this year. The PS4 version is even offered for 49.69 euros.

It stays to be seen what polyphony will electronically apply. As quickly as details is offered, you will locate it asap on .

Gran Tourism 7 has actually been available for PS5 and PS4 since March 4 of this year.

porsche vision grandmother Tourism Spider: An advanced sports cars and truck. In enhancement to the racing automobiles, there are two news capes. Utilize the 2 escapes to take more great shots of your automobiles.

Overwatch 2: New players need to first open the original heroes

Snowstorm’s decision to place brand-new heroes from Overwatch 2, such as Kirk, in the Fight Pass of the game, was rather controversial overall. Especially considering that these lag degree 55. A minimum of the old heroes from Overwatch need to be offered for everybody right at the start, however as it looks, this does not rather use just how the firm discusses in a brand-new post.

Snowstorm wants to shield over-cheather and also protect toxic players


A lot of video game modes ought to also be turned on if you play with others in one team, so that new users can play the favored setting directly with their friends. The mode alone stays closed till you have won 50 suits in quick search. The ranked setting was originally activated when you have actually gotten to level 25.

On top of that, players have to connect their cellphone number with Battle.net from October 4, 2022, in order to be able to play Overwatch 2 whatsoever. Blizzard really hopes that blocked players can not return into play via detours. Additionally, like Trouble Games with Valorant, the business would certainly currently such as to see the voice chat from reported gamers.

Snowstorm most likely received feedback from new gamers who felt bewildered by the different game settings and also heroes. In order to repair this problem, brand-new accounts that have actually never played over previously, first unlock most video game settings and heroes of the title. If you have never had anything to do with Overwatch before, you initially unlock the various game modes and also the conversation function of the video game. Afterwards, the original heroes from Overwatch 1 get on. According to Blizzard, brand-new players ought to have accessibility to all old heroes and video game settings after regarding 100 suits.

Additionally read

Overwatch 2: Kirk is an assistance hero for DPS gamers

Kirk, the brand-new assistance hero from Overwatch 2, is also quite interesting for DPS gamers. PCPS4XBO0

Overwatch 2: Blizzard discusses hated Battle Pass decision

By Daniel Web link
09/27/2022 at 9:18 p.m.

Snowstorm’s choice to put new heroes from Overwatch 2, such as Kirk, in the Fight Pass of the video game, was instead questionable total. At least the old heroes from Overwatch should be available for everyone right at the start, however as it looks, this does not rather use exactly how the business discusses in a new blog message.

In a meeting with Gamer, Blizzard describes why brand-new heroes are after that loaded into the Fight Pass.

According to Snowstorm, these actions were taken to protect the game from Heather as well as poisonous players. For this objective, player ranks before ranking listing suit are likewise no much longer presented in Overwatch 2, and the general conversation was additionally eliminated from the game food selection, considering that it probably did not offer any constructive function. You can check out all changes on the official web page of Overwatch.

Comments 0


If you have actually never ever had anything to do with Overwatch prior to, you first unlock the various game settings as well as the chat function of the video game. After that, the original heroes from Overwatch 1 are on. For this goal, gamer rankings in front of ranking list match are likewise no longer presented in Overwatch 2, as well as the general chat was additionally eliminated from the video game food selection, considering that it possibly did not serve any kind of positive function.

Today at Aldi (September 26th): Several clever deals at a deal cost

From today, September 26th, some brand-new offers are offered once more at the discounter. We checked out beforehand in the branches of Aldi as well as North along with in the online store.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: New provides from September 26th

We start with the online shop, where we saw numerous smart lights.

| Smart Residence Starter Establish for 49.99 euros. Include a wise house basis, two dimmable LED light bulbs and also various other devices. Many common radio requirements are supported.| Smart LED necklace lamp for 99.99 euros. 23 percent less expensive than common. The focus is on dimmable LEDs for living area, eating area or kitchen area. The control takes location by push-button control, language or application.| Smart LED ceiling lamp for 99.99 euros. The dimmable lamp produces cozy white to daylight white light. Below, also, control is performed by remote control, language or app.| Smarter LED panel for 169 euros. Various light shades are feasible via the dimmable illumination system. Ideal for typical wise home systems.| Smarter LED ceiling limelight for 89.99 euros. Geared up with a wide variety of color. With the RGB LEDs, consumers can pick from approximately 16 million shades.| A glass of wine refrigerator for 199 euros. A total of 39 percent more affordable than previously. The temperature level can be chosen in between 5 as well as 18 °C. A touch display screen is readily available.

Aldi Nord provides these offers:
| Security supervisor for 59.99 euros. Supplies a working height of approximately 2.82 m. Four degrees including system are consisted of.| pot for 19.99 euros. Here the electronic control board with LED display is seen. The ability depends on 1.7 l.| battery cleansing brush for 24.99 euros. With telescopic deals with for cleaning difficult to gain access to. The battery lasts approximately 90 mins.
Door presser established for 12.99 euros. Consists of stainless-steel as well as is rust-free. Suitable for doors with a density of between 3.8 and also 4.5 cm.| storage basket for 4.99 euros. Begin dimensions of 42 × 29.6 × 33 centimeters and is provided in 2 shades at Aldi Nord.

Aldi Süd supplies these deals:
| Floor vacuum cleaner for 49.99 euros. The span of activity is 9 m, the cable comes to 6 m.| LED writing composing lamp Light for 9.99 euros.
glass pitcher or juice jug for 9.99 euros. Concerns an ability of 1 l each. The item is dishwasher. Three versions are used.| shower feces for 19.99 euros. Is available in a four-legged as well as three-legged version. Non-slip feet are constantly included.| Collator ** for 119 euros. Gently and collapsible. The collator has height-adjustable manages with an emergency brake and also stand-up aid.

_ Just how much do you find out about Aldi? _

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Aldi Nord as well as Aldi Süd: Older deals from September 22nd

| LED ceiling lamp for 149 euros. Light temperature level as well as brightness can be constantly changed with this design. A memory feature is also included.| LED standing lamp for 89.99 euros. Here the supplier thought of an extra reading light that can be curved in a targeted manner. Lights are included.| battery vacuum for 159 euros. A total amount of 60 percent less expensive than common. The battery provides to 45 mins of term, an integrated hand vacuum is consisted of.| box bed for 799 euros. Modern, simple to look after and maintained in a nation residence style. There is a 7-zone restriction with a large existing location.| Fell rug for 99.99 euros. The Float carpet has a hair appearance as well as fits in mostly all equipping designs. The dimensions are 230 x 160 cm.| 5-in-1 weather condition terminal for 54.99 euros. Aldi uses this terminal with a price cut of over 57 percent. Wind speed, wind instructions, air humidity, temperature and rains are specified.

We begin with the online store, where we observed numerous lights.

Aldi Nord provides these deals:
| battery hoover for 49.99 euros. The battery-powered tool can blow, chop and also draw. The incorporated catch bag pertains to a volume of 45 l.| battery bush leaner for 39.99 euros. There are opposing knives for high cutting performance. The optimum cutting size is defined at 510 mm.| battery drilling screwdriver for 49.99 euros. Furnished with a 2-speed gear. Including luggage with devices such as 8 HSS drills and 8 screw little bits.| Telescopic Pitchers for 24.99 euros. The deals with can be taken out between 72 and also 97 cm to enlarge the distance of action. Ideal for branches of up to 50 mm in size.| external socket ** for 24.99 euros. Aldi offers a number of models kept in rock look. They each provide 4 outlets with self-closing folding lids.

Aldi Süd offers these offers:
| rattan sofa table for 49.99 euros. The round table concerns a size of 54.5 cm at a height of 58.5 centimeters. The storage basket includes rattan.| rattan shoe bench for 69.99 euros. With pillows, shoe storage and also storage compartment. The footwear bench is 80 cm vast as well as 43 centimeters high.| Style chairs for 69.99 euros. 2 pieces in green or white version prepare. The optimum resilience is 110 kg.| Drive knife set for 2.99 euros. The set includes three knives as well as ten substitute blades.| LED flex band ** for 14.99 euros. The tape can be independently reduced every 10 centimeters. Via the 3M sticky tape it is self-evident.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: Older deals from September 19th

We begin with the online shop, where we noticed a number of bicycles.
| trekking-e-bike for 1,399 euros. The incorporated battery guarantees an array between 80 as well as 90 km. The efficiency of the rear wheel engine is 250 watts. A 7-speed chain circuit as well as 28-inch tires are included.| City bike for 319 euros. Not an e-bike, but a typical bike for the city. The equipment includes 28-inch tires, a 3-speed hub gear and travel luggage shelf with packaging bag brackets.| general practitioners bike computer for 69.99 euros. A total amount of 30 percent less expensive than common. A total amount of 78 features are available, as well as a GPS feature is also included.| treadmill for 699 euros. In the Aldi online store, 100 euros cheaper. 50 training programs are supplied that can be set via the training computer.| ergometer for 349 euros. With training computer, vertebral stream brake and also flexible handlebar, foot and also saddle placement. A total amount of 32 pedal resistance levels are readily available.| rowing device for 349 euros. The resistance can be set in 16 degrees of difficulty. The rowing tool can additionally be folded up precede.

Aldi Nord supplies these deals:
| E-bike headgear for 59.99 euros. Light, stable as well as heat-resistant. With taillight and also turn indicator function, which can be regulated by push-button control on the handlebar.| Bike helmet for 12.99 euros. Ideal for grownups and kids. A removable LED backlight with three fluorescent stages is consisted of.| Bike basket for 7.99 euros. Aldi Nord uses various versions. In addition to a luggage rack and a handlebar, a college bag basket can also be bought.| LED bike lighting for 9.99 euros. The set includes battery operating front headlights as well as backlight. Brackets as well as batteries are included in the package.| Bike bags for 16.99 euros. Different versions as well as dimensions are supplied, each being composed of a dual bag for choosing the luggage shelf.| Bike knapsack with LED for 24.99 euros. With padded back and shoulder as well as hip bands. The LED illumination lasts 8 hrs up until it has actually to be recharged.

Aldi Süd uses these deals:
| Bike mobile phone holder for 4.99 euros. Ideal for all smartphones with a screen between 4 as well as 6.5 inches. The brace is made of silicone and also can be rotated.| Bike basket for 6.99 euros. A number of models in black and also white design are readily available at Aldi Süd. Steel is utilized as the product.| Warning vest for 5.99 euros. Not just suitable for bikers. The vest is available in yellow and orange in dimensions S/M as well as L/XL.| Universal oil for 3.99 euros. Multifunction oil for bicycles, family as well as workshop. Function as a rust elimination, lube, cleaner, deterioration security, contact spray as well as crawl oil.

Aldi Nord as well as Aldi Süd: Older offers from September 15th

We start with the online shop, where we noticed many products for the workplace.
| swivel chair for 199 euros. With mains backrests as well as flexible armrests. The workplace chair has a huge seat and also a seesaw system.| HP note pad for 599 euros. Outfitted with a 17.3-inch screen (43.9 centimeters) and an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U as a processor. There are likewise 8 GB of RAM and also 512 GB of fixed memory.| work desk for 399 euros. Electrically elevation flexible between 70 and 120 centimeters. A modification of setting is possible via sensing unit button.| Stocking lamp for 149 euros. The LED standing lamp, which provides warm white and also daytime white light, is offered a complete 41 percent less costly.| LED range lamp for 59.99 euros. 24 percent less expensive than usual, Aldi offers the LED lamp light lamp with a touch dimmer. It is swivelable and rotatable.| desk lamp with cordless charging for 39.99 euros. The black LED light not only supplies light, yet can also charge mobile phones and also other devices wirelessly.

Aldi Nord offers these deals:
| desk for 49.99 euros. With the side shelf that has three shelves. The desk comes to dimensions of 102 × 117 × 50 centimeters.| office and also side trolleys for 49.99 euros. With 2 large storage space compartments and also a door. 4 open storage compartments can still be found above.| Mouse pad for 4.99 euros. Consists completely of polyester. A hand bale support is included. Aldi Nord offers various colors as well as versions.| LED ceiling lamp for 19.99 euros. Geared up with an activity detector. Consumers can anticipate a warm white light (2,700 k).| Bodenwischer set ** for 19.99 euros. The collection is composed of a base wiper with a stem, a 2-in-1 cover for all floors and also a pail.

Aldi Süd uses these deals:

Door presser established for 12.99 euros. glass pitcher or juice jug for 9.99 euros. | Collator for 119 euros. The incorporated catch bag comes to a quantity of 45 l.| battery hedge trimmer for 39.99 euros. | LED bike lighting for 9.99 euros.
| Resting trainer
for 79.99 euros. With infinitely variable seat elevation modification between 55 as well as 72 cm. The manufacturer specifies the maximum resilience with 110 kg.| LED Glasser for 2.99 euros. Depending on the model, two LED candles or LED bulbs (4.2 watts, 470 LM) is composed of 2 LED candles. 15,000 hours are given as a lifespan.| Modeling mass for 2.99 euros. Contain 500 g. The modeling mass is suitable for kids as well as grownups for shaping, inventions and also painting.| watercolor pencils or brush for 6.99 euros. Consumers have the selection between watercolor wood-colored pencils (24 items), watercolor brush painters (18 pieces) or a water tank brush in the plastic case (6-SER set).| Oil pastel chalk for 5.99 euros. Below there are 36 chalks for paper, cardboard, wood or linen in the plan. A metalletui is consisted of.

Juventus Turin evidently declined Chelseas NGolo Kante for Matthijs de Ligt

Articles as well as videos on the subject
* Ronaldo: Bloody crash and 911
* Experience the collection A beside on DAZN. Register currently! Can be terminated any time.

De Light transformed in summer and signed up with Bavaria for a transfer of around 67 million. Kane’s contract at Chelsea ends in the coming summer season, the blues really hope accordingly to be able to generate a transfer in case of a departure.

AsCalciomercato _,Tuttomercatoas well asCBS Sportsagree, Chelsea de Ligt’s former club Juventus Turin intended to make an exchange by N’Gold Kane as well as the Dutchman.


Ultimately he went to FC Bayern, however FC Chelsea additionally wished to obtain Matthias de Ligt-and evidently offered none other than N’Gold Kane as an exchange thing.

As early as winter transfer home window 2021/22, the PL club came up to June. The Bianconeri apparently rejected.

Not just Bavaria wanted a transfer by Mathias de Ligt, FC Chelsea additionally wanted to safeguard the solutions of the main protector. Here the blues probably targeted at a huge exchange.

Teso: Big streaming

As is well recognized, the year 2022 is all about the tradition of the Breton’s in The senior scrolls online. As in previous years, this year’s final consists of a tale DLC that will be launched in the 4th quarter. Well, on November 1, 2022, on PC/Mac as well as Stadia, and also on November 15, 2022, on Xbox and also PlayStation.

Big streaming event in September


To web page.

Switch on for at the very least 15 mins to maintain both the seen Sencheleopard boy as a companion (see photo over) as well as a crown ouroboros box as a Twitch drops-and of program you should not fail to remember to link your accounts prior to the event! In addition to the Main event, other streaming visits are prepared by October 4, 2022.

As is well understood, the year 2022 is all about the heritage of the Breton’s in The Elder Scrolls online. As in previous years, this year’s final is composed of a story DLC that will certainly be launched in the 4th quarter. Well, on November 1, 2022, on PC/Mac and also Stadia, as well as on November 15, 2022, on Xbox and also PlayStation.

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Although you can already try out the upcoming DLC on the public examination web server , those in charge of Bethesda as well as Animal want to present the upcoming last of the yearly background of the tradition of the Bretonen thoroughly in a large streaming occasion. For the official announcement.

_ Her Livestream with the fall occasion for Tradition of the Breton’s starts on Thursday, September 29th, at 9 p.m. MESH Auftwitch.tv/ Bethesda. Throughout this special event, members of the ESO area as well as the development group take you into the upcoming DLC Fire song, consisting of activity, scene, characters as well as obstacles. _.

Where to find Heart Beet in Slime Rancher 2

Carbon beets, or beets, are one of many types of vegetables in Slime Rancher 2. This is also a favorite food of stones lines. Although these resources are not as available as carrots, they are not as difficult to find. Here is a guide on where to find heart-shaped beets and how to grow it yourself.


How to get the heart of beets in Slime Rancher 2

Carbon beets can be found in Amber Valley island region, which is west of the rainbow fields and observatory. After the study, we managed to find three easily accessible places where these vegetables grow. All these places of the appearance of Heart Beet are marked on the map above. Continue to search the island, and perhaps you can independently find some other cultures of beets.

grow your own heart beet in Slime Rancher 2

If you do not want to constantly collect beets, you can plant this vegetable in a greenhouse for constant access. In an empty site, buy a garden for 250 coins and shoot a heart with a hint with a hint. Your beet harvest will be ready for cleaning in the shortest possible time.

Stay with us in the professional guide guides to learn more about Slime Rancher 2. In addition, get acquainted with our article on how to get Radiant Ore in Slime Rancher 2-all locations of Radiant Ore.

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