3GOO has announced that it will release a Japanese version of the party action Nicolo Deon All-Star Brawl Ultimate Edition where Nicolo Deon characters fight on November 24.

This work is a large brawl parties where popular Nicolodon characters such as Turtles, Sponge Bob, and Garfield blow away. Up to four people can easily get the skills by simply operating the cross key+button, and can be exciting with anyone online and local. Although it has been released on Steam and overseas console, it has been decided to release in Japan.

In the Japanese version of 3Goo, in addition to one year update such as balance adjustment and voice, Jenny is a teen robot global robot response unit XJ-9, Jimmy Nutron I am a genius. An additional character of the season, such as Hugh Nutron of the Inventor! And Rocco of Rocco’s modern life, are included from the beginning.

Nicolo Deon All-Star Brawl Ultimate Edition will be released on November 24 for PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch. For overseas, PC (Steam)/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S version has been released, but it is unknown whether Japanese-compatible updates will be implemented.