Rick and Morty are one of the newest characters who joined the playable list of Multiversus. The duet offers several tricks and explosions with which fans of their television show will be well familiar.

The next leadership will indicate the best benefits that you need for Morty to make it a viable battle in Multiversus.

The best abilities for Morty in Multiversus

Corporate bonus: o, this is still a grenade
Morty can prepare its grenades to increase the radius of their explosion. The longer he cooks them, the greater the radius. In addition, any grenades abandoned by his allies, such as Morty, will also have a larger radius of the explosion.

perk slot 1: up, up and a-slay
Morty rotates several times with a hammer, causing damage to all the closest enemies. In addition, the rotation of your hammer in the air inflicts 5% more damage to all enemies.

perk slot 2: Rain, dog
This one is best suited for situations when you are surrounded by enemies and knocked down. This perk provides additional speed for distant attacks. This can even strengthen the attacks of close combat.

perk slot 3: Champion of the Foot Day
This perk is considered one of the most important. This allows you to jump 10% higher than usual. You can use an additional height to not only improve your air attacks, but also evade enemy attacks.

Tips Morty

  • Morty may seem timid, but it moves surprisingly quickly. This is what you can use, making enemies by surprise.