The interesting part of the Asian startup ecosystem is that the ‘super app’ is becoming common. Various services such as delivery apps and fintech apps are provided in the latest technology, and insights based on data are used for business. Soft expects Korea to lead this innovation market. Microsoft technology will be applied to many companies to grow to Decacon (more than $ 10 billion in corporate value).

Ahmed Maz Hari, president of Microsoft Asia, attended the official press conference of the Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft established the Microsoft Startup Founders Hub based on feedback from thousands of founders around the world to create and maintain a sound ecosystem that startups can thrive earlier this year. Microsoft Launcher has added support for the domestic situation, and is a program that supports domestic startups technically and financially.

Microsoft announced that it will offer up to 500 million won worth of benefits, including Microsoft Cloud ‘Azure’ credit, license and technical support through the launcher program. Credit will be paid up to 200 million won depending on the business stage such as ▲ ideas ▲ development ▲ product launch and customer securing ▲ market expansion. Developers and business tools such as GitHub, Visual Studio, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365 are also provided for free for one year.

There is also an opportunity to use GPT-3, an open AI natural language processing model, to build new products. Startups selected through separate applications will be supported by open AI credits worth 1.3 million won, open AI API innovation licenses for three months, and free consulting of experts for open AI.

We also have a variety of learning opportunities for startups. Microsoft Run, an online learning platform, provides startup-oriented education that includes sessions and various contents that can be advised one-on-year technical advice throughout the year. The Microsoft Mentor Network also gains professional feedback and technical advice on product roadmaps, business plans, and operation.

It also includes practical support using Microsoft Partner Ecosystem. Startups that receive launcher support will be exempted from the startup developer recruitment fee once in cooperation with the developer competency evaluation and recruitment recommendation platform ‘Supercoder’.

Startups of less than 10 people will also be offered for six months in the shared office located in Seoul and Busan.

In addition, the meeting with the global venture capital will receive IR pitching opportunities such as strengthening IR capabilities and supporting actual investment attraction.

Lee Ji-eun, CEO of Korea Microsoft, said, Korea Microsoft is seriously thinking about our own digital native ecosystem that will continue to increase Korea’s roles and competitiveness in the global. We will actively support them to create a sustainable ecosystem without constraints.

Microsoft Launcher can be signed up if it is a software-based product or service development startup. Apply for the global program Microsoft Startup Founders Hub and apply for a launcher. Microsoft Korea plans to recruit companies who wish to participate in Microsoft Launcher through the official site.