The Busan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee (Chairman Seo Tae-gun) announced on the 25th that it will release information about the conference and sessions of the Busan Indie Connect T-Festival 2022 (BIC Festival 2022).

The conference held at the Busan Port International Exhibition Convention Center for two days from September 1 to 2 during the 2022 BIC Festival 2022 will be broadcast live through the BIC official website and YouTube channels. In particular, this year’s conference session is divided into three categories: ‘My Development Journal’, ‘Indie Game Collaboration’ and ‘Biz’, so that anyone who is interested in indie games, including indie game developers, industry officials, and preliminary developers, can listen to it. did. Each category will be held on various topics such as sincere experiences of indie game development process, indie games from various fields, and indie game use platforms.

This year’s BIC conference was prepared as follows.

On the 1st, Hong Sung-min, the head of the Meta-Core Games, Yahaha Studio Lee Sang-jun’s Vice President and Joakim Kim Linna Product Evangelist, Jang Won-sun, CEO of Asteroid J. Representative Cho Min-geun speaks.

On the 2nd, the Valerio di di di di donato of EMBRACER Group, President Kim Sang-won of Pump Kim, the head of the Seoul Museum of Art, Kwang-seop Shin, head of Epic Games Korea, Oh Young-wook, Gachon University Researcher Chief reporter of Cho Ki-hyun, Lee Dae-hee, CEO of After-Time, Nicalis’s Baek Jun-yeol Associate Producer, and Chris Mclaughlin Tech Director of Moon Mode will be in charge of the session.

There are also events for conference viewers. In the BIC official YouTube channel and official website where you can watch conferences in real time, various online quizzes will be held through the time attack event, and a variety of gifts such as gifticons will be provided through the lottery.

The BIC Festival 2022 will be held offline at the Busan Port International Exhibition Convention Center (BPEX) from September 1 to 4, and the online exhibition will be extended until September 30 following the previous year. More information about the conference can be found on the official BIC Festival website.