Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero sees the introduction of two new androids created by Red Ribbon Army to combat the Z Fighters. But who are gammas 1 and 2, the androids that call themselves superheroes? Here is everything we know about Gammas 1 and 2 in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero .

Who are gammas 1 and 2 in Super Dragon Ball Heroes?

Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are the two new androids created by Dr. Gero’s grandson, Dr. Hed. . The two androids were created after the RR army leader, Magenta, convinced Dr. Hed that the Z Fighters were actually extraterrestrials who planned to seize the earth.

According to Dragon Ball Super guide, it is said that the two gammas are the most powerful androids created by the RR Army and were designed by Dr. Hed to resemble a superhero that he met in an autograph signature.

The relationship of gammas 1 and 2 with Dr. Hedo greatly contrasts with the relationship that Dr. Gero had with his own creations. The gammas are mostly robotic appearance, which means that they do not have a human template such as Androids 17 and 18. Both androids had a hostile relationship with Dr. Gero for this reason, while gammas 1 and 2 have a relationship Friendly and positive with Dr. Hed and are willing to do everything possible to save their lives.

As Dr. Hed prepared to create definitive android superheroes, both gamma have a built-in superhero function that makes them believe that they are superhero. However, due to this function, they cannot accept that they are being manipulated by the RR army and spend most of the film as wrong antagonists.

Both androids have different personalities, being gamma 1 much more sensible compared to the distant and cheerful nature of Gamma 2. The gamma soon realize that they have been deceived by the RR army when Carmine tries to shoot him to PAN and both participate in the Final battle against Cell Max.


Gamma 2 sacrifices himself giving a decisive blow against Cell Max, while Gamma 1 and Dr. Hedo are Bulma employees and assume jobs in Capsule Corp.

That is everything we know about gammas 1 and 2 in Dragon Ball Super: super hero . Be sure to consult the rest of our Dragon Ball Super coverage: Super Hero, including our guide to the movie’s villains.

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