Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, built a next-generation semiconductor R & D complex and started a full-fledged technical management for semiconductor super strategies. Samsung Electronics aims to make another big leap in the semiconductor business with technology leadership.

Lee attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the next-generation semiconductor R & D complex held at Samsung Electronics Giheung Campus in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do on the 19th. Lee’s attendance to the groundbreaking ceremony is the first external move after the 8.15 special lottery, and is expected to start full-scale management activities.

Samsung Electronics established a new R & D complex in Korea for eight years since the establishment of the 2014 Gyeonggi Hwaseong Plant Device Solution Research (DSR).

The new R & D complex will be built in Giheung Campus, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. Giheung Campus is a symbolic place where Samsung Chairman Lee Byung-chul started the semiconductor project in the 1980s. Following the development of the world’s first 64m DRAM in 1992 and the first place in the DRAM market in 1992, it is also the cornerstone of 30 years in the memory semiconductor field in 1993.

The Giheung Semiconductor R & D complex is constructed with about 109,000㎡ (33,000 pyeong), and Samsung Electronics plans to invest about 20 trillion won in the research complex by 2028, including a semiconductor R & D-only line, which is scheduled to operate in mid-2025 in mid-2025..

‘Giheung R & D Complex’ plans to become the largest semiconductor R & D cluster that connects Giheung-Hwaseong-Pyeongtaek. In addition, he will be a key research base in the field of semiconductor R & D such as ▲ memory, fabless system semiconductor and foundry.

Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong said, We will start a new challenge at Giheung Plant, which was the first shovel to build a semiconductor factory 40 years ago. He said. He then emphasized, Let’s continue the tradition of technology and prior investments. Let’s create a future with technology that is not in the world.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, more than 100 employees including Lee Vice Chairman, head of Samsung Electronics Semiconductor (DS), Chung Eun-seung, CTO, Jin Kyo-young, Samsung Technology Institute, Lee Jung-bae, Director of Memory Business, Choi Si-young Foundri Business Division, and Park Yong-in System LSI Division I attended.

Lee discussed the presidential meeting of the DS Division held at the Semiconductor Research Institute after the groundbreaking ceremony, ▲ major issues and risks surrounding the global semiconductor industry, next-generation semiconductor technology R & D progress, and how to secure technology to achieve supervision.

■ R & D complex construction… ‘System Semiconductor 2030’ Expectation of acceleration

In recent years, countries around the world are fiercely fiercely fiercely warned to secure high-tech semiconductor technology, which is emerging as a core strategic asset of economic security.

Samsung’s new R & D complex is interpreted as part of the System Semiconductor 2030, which will achieve the top global in the system semiconductor field by securing super-gap technology.

After returning to Europe on June 18, Lee said to the reporters, saying, The first is the first technology, the second technology, the third technology. At the meeting of the Mars Semiconductor Research Institute in June 2020, Lee said, How quickly we make our future technology is our survival.

Samsung Electronics is the industry’s strongest in the memory semiconductor market, but it is necessary to take a big leap in the system semiconductor market. Samsung Electronics is the only competitor of TSMC in the foundry market, producing chips in less than 5 nano processes, but the gap between the two companies is still large.

According to market research firm Trend Force, TSMC has a 53.6% share in the global foundry market in the first quarter of this year, and Samsung Electronics recorded 16.3% share. In addition, the competition is intensifying as it has been aggressively investing in the found in Intel last year. This is why Samsung’s preemptive semiconductor technology investment is needed.

Samsung Electronics announced its vision to lead the achievement of ‘semiconductor superpowers’ in May, and ▲ In memory, R & D is strengthened in new materials and new structures that can overcome the limitations of process fination. It has been preemptively applied to advanced technology, such as introducing technology early.

Vice Chairman Lee, after the lottery, full-fledged business activities… M & A expectation

Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong is expected to strengthen his management activities, starting with the groundbreaking ceremony.

Lee is expected to carefully check the implementation of a large-scale investment plan worth 450 trillion won announced in May. Samsung has announced plans to invest 450 trillion won in semiconductors, bio, artificial intelligence (AI) and 6G communications for the next five years. Through technology investment, Samsung aims to lead the future new industrial innovation.

Lee also discusses the possibility of participating in the second foundry factory groundbreaking ceremony in Texas, Texas. Currently, Samsung is under construction to start construction of the Taylor Foundry plant, and the groundbreaking ceremony is expected to be held in the second half of this year.

It is also expected to accelerate the merger and acquisition. Samsung Electronics has been suspended since the acquisition of US automotive electronics company Haman for 9.4 trillion won in 2016. With the return of the owner who can make a big decision, Samsung Electronics is expected to actively participate in large M & A. Samsung’s cash assets amounted to 125 trillion won at the end of the first half of this year.

Lee is expected to strengthen communication with executives and employees and to conduct job creation planning progress. After the lottery was confirmed on the 12th, Lee said, We will reward the public’s expectations and the government’s consideration by continuous investment and youth job creation.