Sega announced on August 20 that it has agreed with the US Picticure Starting Company to develop film work for Space Channel 5 and Comics Sone . The release time is undecided.

Picture Starting Company is a media company established in 2019 and has many movies, television and audio projects. Film works that have been produced and invested so far include Unpregnant, Am I OK? In addition, a live-action movie based on Border Rounds is being produced in the film of the game work.

  • Trailer of VR version Space Channel 5 VR Arata ★ Dancing Show

Space Channel 5 is a musical action game featuring the newly-spacecraft reporter Urara of the future space broadcasting station. Rescue those who have been forced to dance by a mysterious alien, Moro, in a dance battle. It is characterized by gameplay that traces the opponent’s dance steps, a retro-futured worldview, and a character full of humor. This work was released for Dream Cast in 1999, and transplanted and sequel was released.

For the film production of Space Channel 5, Belly Bobs, Barry Battles, directed and writer of the climb comedy film Gangbusters starring Billy Bob Soonton, and South by Southwest. Nil Panille, director and scriptwriter of the science fiction movie EXTRACTED of the Emerging Visions Prize Nominated, will jointly write a script.

  • Trailer of the mobile version Comics Zone

The Comics Zone is an action game released in 1995 for Mega Drive. The protagonist is a popular manga artist sketch turner serialized in the comic Comics Z1. He gets lost in his manga world, escapes and fights the mutants. A unique stage progress that develops the game on the American comic page and moves from frame to frame.

For the movie production of the comics zone, the scriptwriter such as the Emmy Award-winning HBO MAX TV anime series Young Justice and the movie Hick and Dragon spin-off TV anime series DRAGONS: THE NINE REALMS Maycat, who works on, is in charge of the script.

In addition, Eric Fake and CEO of the Picture Start Company & CEO and Lois Reeves-Derby have supervised both projects. He is a producer with the company’s management, Sammy Kim Falbay.


  • PV of the movie Sonic the Movie / Sonic VS Knuckles

From Sega, the company’s Vice President CO-COO’s Utsumi State will supervise both projects. Toru Nakahara, a producer of the movie Sonic the Movie series and an executive producer of the TV series Sonic Prime, participated in both works. In addition, the company’s game director Takumi Yoshinaga will participate in the movie of Space Channel 5, and Kazumasa Shimomura, a game producer, will participate in the comics zone film.

It is new to remember that the movie based on Sega’s game work has recorded a huge hit by Sonic the Movie released in 2020. The sequel Sonic the Movie / Sonic VS Knuckles was released in Japan yesterday on August 19. These works use an expression that combines the actor’s performance by live-action and CG characters such as Sonic. It is noted that the films of Space Channel 5 and Comics Zone will be.