Tower of Fantasy has assaulted the world of games and is ready to face face to face with Genshin Impact in the coming months for the crown of the MMORPG anime. Fans have fallen in love with Tower of Fantasy since its initial launch in China, and now players around the world can finally go into action. However, India is remarkably absent from the game servers. Here is everything we know about why you can’t play Tower of Fantasy in India .

Why can’t you play Tower of Fantasy in India?

Currently, India players cannot download versions for mobile devices or for Tower of Fantasy PC. This is because India has not yet been added to the list of regions. that now includes North America, South America, Europe and Japan.

Perfect World developers have considered the opportunity to expand the game even more in the future to add new regions and servers. While that sounds optimistic, throwing Tower of Fantasy in India could be easier to say it than to do it. The Indian government made the decision to ban Chinese applications in 2020 and, since Tower of Fantasy originated in China, it is likely to be affected.

The Indian government made the decision of 59 Chinese applications permanently in June 2020, including Tik Tok. The decision was made after months of tension between China and India in a border confrontation, and the Indian government declared that the applications were harmful to the sovereignty and national security of India.

Since then, India has banned more than 200 Chinese applications, including Pubg. More recently, Garena Free Fire, one of the most popular Mobile Battle Royale Games, received a ban and cannot be downloaded in India. It is worth noting that only a permanent prohibition was imposed in the 59 initial applications, which means that the decision could be reviewed or modified for other applications. That said, it seems that Tower of Fantasy cannot be played in India in the short term.

That is all we know about why you can’t play Tower of Fantasy in India . Be sure to consult the rest of our guides and coverage of Tower of Fantasy below.

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