Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the August lineup of the paid service PlayStation Plus unlimited play service Game Catalog .

This time, the remake of the series on the theme of the polar road Ryu Ga-like Extreme and Ryujiga Like 2 and the day before the 80’s Ryu ga 0 , Bio collaboration is the target title, such as Dead by Daylight **, which is approaching Wesker.

In addition, there are plenty of lineups, such as the open world shooter Ghost Recon Wildrans and the masterpiece action RPG remake Holy Sword Legend 3 Trials of Mana . These titles will be distributed from August 16th.

Game Catalog August target title

  • Dragon like 0

  • Dragon like a pole

  • Dragon Like Koku 2

  • Dead by daylight

  • Ghost Recon Wildrans

  • Bugsnax

  • Holy Sword Legend 3 Trials of Mana

  • UNO

  • Monopoly Madness

  • Monopoly Plus

PlayStation Plus’s Game Catalog is for Extra and Premium Plan members.