Nintendo has announced a new element that can be enjoyed within the Nintendo Switch software Splatoon 3 on the distribution program Splatoon 3 Direct 2022.8.10 held on August 10.

Speaking of the feature of the Splatoon series, the best one is the Nawabari Battle, which is the one who wins and loses in the area dyed with ink. This program was performed on this program, a match-type card game with this Nawabari Battle motif.

In this card game, you can apply a square position by putting out your card. It is the same as Nawabari Battle that the winner is determined by the size of the painted area.


However, strategic properties are required because the scope and shape to be applied differ depending on the card to be issued. In addition, the Special Attack, which can be a reversal element, has been firmly dropped into this card game, and the timing of making decisions is likely to be important.

More than 150 types are prepared. Build your own deck and intelligently capture the Nawabari Battle that is a bit different from the main story. In addition, this Junori Wars Nawa Butler can be played at Nawa Butler Dojo in one corner of Bankara Street.