St. Pauli need to not whine

The young person, that acquired from Frankfurt Eintracht last summer season, but had been loved by the Hanseatic cities, had not rewarded a goal on the Betze for a breath of fresh air. The tall assailant was thrown as necessary from his yield: Of training course I don’t go residence gladly when I offer 2 opportunities from which an objective can truly occur.

We had the video game control, yet in the end it depends on scoring goals, stated Irvine. At Frankfurt) versus Magdeburg: We have to evaluate the video game well and park the easy blunders.

Matanovic battled

Captain Jackson Irvine and also Marcel Hartel also hit the exact same notch. We didn’t make use of the possibilities we had. We had the game control, yet in the end it relies on racking up objectives, claimed Irvine. A problem for which Hartel had the evident solution all set: We need to much better make use of the possibilities we have.

In the end it was 1: 2 from the point of view of FC St. Pauli in Kaiserslautern. On the Betzenberg, the visitor had revealed the elder play area for a long period of time, however versus the enthusiasm’s enthusiasm, yet regardless of a majority of finals, had actually left. Congratulations to Kaiserslautern. We didn’t misunderstand, coach Timo Schultz needed to admit after the game at Sky. His group had had a great deal of video game control, this was most definitely desired by the FCK.

Ultimately, the KiezFrankfurt had started as well little with more belongings, as Schultz examined after the last whistle: We had several levels and activities around the penalty location. Other than for Medic, nobody took care of to put it in. As an outcome of a straightforward cause: We have actually been lacking the power and also effectiveness that we need to chalk ourselves today. Accordingly, he and his team ought to not whine.

We didn’t get wrong, coach Timo Schultz had to admit after the video game at Skies. His group had had a great deal of game control, this was certainly desired by the FCK.


According to Matanovic, this has now been inspecting off and proceeding. Hartel ended how the ongoing look of the KiezFrankfurt on Sunday (1.30 p.m., live! At Frankfurt) against Magdeburg: We have to evaluate the game well and also park the straightforward blunders.