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Announced free games with September 2022 for Xbox Series X

Xbox hGame Pass confirmed the list of selected to participate in the Games With Gold promotion during in September 2022 . The members of this service or Xbox Game PGame Passs Ultimate will be able to exchange four titles, two of the retrocompatible portion and two of Xbox One onwards. We tell you the complete list and dates below.

All games confirmed on September Games with Gold 2022

  • Gods Will Fall: from September 1 to 30 at Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One
  • Double Kick Heroes: from October 16 to 15 at Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

* Thrillville: from September 1 to 15 at Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Xbox 360
* Portal 2: from September 16 to 30 at Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Xbox 360

September will be the lGame Passt month that includes games of the backward catalog of Xbox 360 . Microsoft communicated the news lGame Passt July referring to the fact that they have reached the limit of their ability to include more titles of that generation. Of course, the games you have redeemed will remain in your library forever.

Remember that you are still in time to exchange some of those available on the grill this month. Calico and Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine will remain to redeem until August 31, while Scourgebringer will extend a few more weeks: until September 15.

Once you complete the exchange will be linked to your profile. You can play Game Pass long Game Pass you maintain Activate an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game PGame Passs Ultimate subscription. On the other hand, you can currently access an optimized titles-centered offers campaign for the new generation. Diablo II Resurrected, Grand Theft Auto V, Hitman 3 and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are just some of the selected ones. We tell you everything here.

Turtles and sponge boobs will flutter! Nicolo Deon All -Star Brawl Japanese version will be released on November 24

3GOO has announced that it will release a Japanese version of the party action Nicolo Deon All-Star Brawl Ultimate Edition where Nicolo Deon characters fight on November 24.

This work is a large brawl parties where popular Nicolodon characters such as Turtles, Sponge Bob, and Garfield blow away. Up to four people can easily get the skills by simply operating the cross key+button, and can be exciting with anyone online and local. Although it has been released on Steam and overseas console, it has been decided to release in Japan.

In the Japanese version of 3Goo, in addition to one year update such as balance adjustment and voice, Jenny is a teen robot global robot response unit XJ-9, Jimmy Nutron I am a genius. An additional character of the season, such as Hugh Nutron of the Inventor! And Rocco of Rocco’s modern life, are included from the beginning.

Nicolo Deon All-Star Brawl Ultimate Edition will be released on November 24 for PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch. For overseas, PC (Steam)/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S version has been released, but it is unknown whether Japanese-compatible updates will be implemented.

Netflix premieres, prime video clip and also disney+ in September that may fascinate you if you like video games

This as well as much more points will certainly show up in the month of September if you are a Customer of Netflix, Prime Video, and also Disney+. Do not forget that you can delight in the whole magazine that we are mosting likely to present to you currently as well as if it is inadequate we present a usable alternative. The return of trip can not have actually been better!

We included it in the unique of last month and can not miss its reference to the current cancellation of the Netflix Resident Evil series. As soon as the month enter we can take an eye to check for ourselves if it has the same epicity as the initial trilogy .


Naturally, whoever has taken place getaway and has returned in this month of September will certainly have collection and also films for some time. Right here in 3 various we have had the satisfaction of making a compilation of the best films as well as collection for any individual who suches as computer game . Using recap, this mesecite of September is extremely varied in regards to categories, however there are really vital things to highlight.

Nor do we take the eye to the re-stersons of the films that reach movie theaters as holds true of Avatar , the highest grossing film of all time. Another example of cinemas is Spider-Man: No Other Way House , which will interest see it once again, and also much more after the arrival of Wonder’s Spider-Man Remastered on Computer.

The best benefits and tips for Morty in Multiversus

Rick and Morty are one of the newest characters who joined the playable list of Multiversus. The duet offers several tricks and explosions with which fans of their television show will be well familiar.

The next leadership will indicate the best benefits that you need for Morty to make it a viable battle in Multiversus.

The best abilities for Morty in Multiversus

Corporate bonus: o, this is still a grenade
Morty can prepare its grenades to increase the radius of their explosion. The longer he cooks them, the greater the radius. In addition, any grenades abandoned by his allies, such as Morty, will also have a larger radius of the explosion.

perk slot 1: up, up and a-slay
Morty rotates several times with a hammer, causing damage to all the closest enemies. In addition, the rotation of your hammer in the air inflicts 5% more damage to all enemies.

perk slot 2: Rain, dog
This one is best suited for situations when you are surrounded by enemies and knocked down. This perk provides additional speed for distant attacks. This can even strengthen the attacks of close combat.

perk slot 3: Champion of the Foot Day
This perk is considered one of the most important. This allows you to jump 10% higher than usual. You can use an additional height to not only improve your air attacks, but also evade enemy attacks.

Tips Morty

  • Morty may seem timid, but it moves surprisingly quickly. This is what you can use, making enemies by surprise.

MS Korea, Decacon market will come out… Technology and financial support

The interesting part of the Asian startup ecosystem is that the ‘super app’ is becoming common. Various services such as delivery apps and fintech apps are provided in the latest technology, and insights based on data are used for business. Soft expects Korea to lead this innovation market. Microsoft technology will be applied to many companies to grow to Decacon (more than $ 10 billion in corporate value).

Ahmed Maz Hari, president of Microsoft Asia, attended the official press conference of the Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft established the Microsoft Startup Founders Hub based on feedback from thousands of founders around the world to create and maintain a sound ecosystem that startups can thrive earlier this year. Microsoft Launcher has added support for the domestic situation, and is a program that supports domestic startups technically and financially.

Microsoft announced that it will offer up to 500 million won worth of benefits, including Microsoft Cloud ‘Azure’ credit, license and technical support through the launcher program. Credit will be paid up to 200 million won depending on the business stage such as ▲ ideas ▲ development ▲ product launch and customer securing ▲ market expansion. Developers and business tools such as GitHub, Visual Studio, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365 are also provided for free for one year.

There is also an opportunity to use GPT-3, an open AI natural language processing model, to build new products. Startups selected through separate applications will be supported by open AI credits worth 1.3 million won, open AI API innovation licenses for three months, and free consulting of experts for open AI.

We also have a variety of learning opportunities for startups. Microsoft Run, an online learning platform, provides startup-oriented education that includes sessions and various contents that can be advised one-on-year technical advice throughout the year. The Microsoft Mentor Network also gains professional feedback and technical advice on product roadmaps, business plans, and operation.

It also includes practical support using Microsoft Partner Ecosystem. Startups that receive launcher support will be exempted from the startup developer recruitment fee once in cooperation with the developer competency evaluation and recruitment recommendation platform ‘Supercoder’.

Startups of less than 10 people will also be offered for six months in the shared office located in Seoul and Busan.

In addition, the meeting with the global venture capital will receive IR pitching opportunities such as strengthening IR capabilities and supporting actual investment attraction.

Lee Ji-eun, CEO of Korea Microsoft, said, Korea Microsoft is seriously thinking about our own digital native ecosystem that will continue to increase Korea’s roles and competitiveness in the global. We will actively support them to create a sustainable ecosystem without constraints.

Microsoft Launcher can be signed up if it is a software-based product or service development startup. Apply for the global program Microsoft Startup Founders Hub and apply for a launcher. Microsoft Korea plans to recruit companies who wish to participate in Microsoft Launcher through the official site.

Premier League: Harry Kane shoots Tottenham Hotspur to the following victory

The English first division club Tottenham Hotspur continued his solid beginning of the season and also continues to be undefeated.
On Sunday the team of team supervisor Antonio Conte won 2-0 (1-0) at the promoted Nottingham Forest.
After 4 games, the Champions League initial round of Eintracht Frankfurt is 3 points, 2 factors behind league leaders Arsenal.

England’s nationwide group captain Harry Kane (5th) brought Tottenham at an early stage the winning roadway.
In the 56th minute, the 29-year-old at first missed out on the choice with a shot trading.
In the 81st minute, Kane overtook this.

At Nottingham, Taiwo Awoniyi, novice from the Bundesliga club Union Berlin, was substituted in the 75th min.
The Nigerian stayed inefficient.

Video of supposed iPhone 14 in action is filtered

Although we already know when the following Apple Event will take place, where the iPhone 14 will finally be officially revealed, this has not stopped the leaks of ruining this company’s surprises. In this way, The first video look at this device was recently shared in advance, which has a series of novelties.

Through a new filtration in the Chinese environment known as Weibo, the alleged first video of the iPhone 14 pro en action has been leaked. One of the elements that attract a lot of attention is that the color of the rear changes between purple and blue depending on the natural lighting in which it is located.


Along with this, The alleged iPhone 14 Pro has some of the characteristics that have been leaked , such as a design similar to the current iPhone 13, with two brands on the screen to replace the complete notch, and the same disposition in the camera system.

However, there is also the possibility that the video is false, ** since the camera system is not similar to what has been shared by rumors and, although it does sign up for a purple color, It is not confirmed that this will be the definitive tone.

We only have to wait for the next Apple Event to have an official response to all our doubts. In this way, here you can know all the information about this expected presentation next month.

Favorable coronatest: For Arndt the vuelta is over

Nikias Arndt was tested as positively for the coronavirus as his space for the room Mark Donovan.

The scenic tour of the Spain is also over for the British.
Both do it well, they have very little or no symptoms, it claimed.
Arndt was in great shape on the Iberian Peninsula, after the fifth stage he also finished third in the overall category.
He could not defend this long.
The Dutch team DSM will just have the ability to take on the 8th phase with six chauffeurs.
The everyday area on Saturday leads over an excellent 153 kilometers from Laviana approximately Collau Fancuaya.

[Readers voice] What do you buy for a new game released in September 2022? -Meterminated attention titles!

In this article, I would like to pick up and introduce the features of Japan & North America, which will be released in September 2022, and ask GAME*Spark readers about the new purchase schedule.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R
Release date: 1 day, 2 days (JP) Model: PC/PS5/PS4/XSX | S/XB1/NSW Genre: Competition fighting action
URL: https: //jojoasbr.bn-ent.net/

Made in Abyss Aiming for Darkness
Release date: 1 day, 3 days (JP) Model: PC/PS4/NSW Genre: Action RPG
URL: https: //www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp/miabyss/

Crusaded Kings III
Release date: 1 day (JP) Model: PS5/XSX | S Genre: Medieval Strategy
URL: https: //crusaderkings3.games.dmm.com/

Wonderboy: Dragon Trap
Release date: 1 day (JP) Model: PS5 Genre: Action Adventure
URL: https: //gamesource-ent.jp/news/detail/159

Annow: Mute the Mute Soonem
Release date: 1 day (JP) Model: NSW Genre: Action Adventure
URL: https: //store-jp.nintendo.com/list/software/70010000053239.html

Emma’s weapon shop
Release date: 1 day (JP) Model: PC Genre: Management Simulation
URL: https: //store.steampowered.com/app/2073050/__/

Release date: 1 day (US) Model: PC/XSX | S/XB1/NSW Genre: Hot Spring Management Action
URL: https: //whitethorngames.com/onsen-master

The Last of US Part I
Release date: 2nd (JP) Model: PS5 Genre: Action
URL: https: //www.playStation.com/ja-jp/games/the-last-OF-PART-I/

Circus Electrique
Release date: 6 days (US) Model: PC/PS5/PS4/XSX | S/XB1/NSW Genre: Turn-based Tactical RPG
URL: https: //Playcircuselectrique.com/

Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition
Release date: 7th (JP) Model: PS5/PS4 Genre: Social Action
URL: https: //www.q-games.com/ja/ttc-pE-ja/

Release date: 7 days (JP) Model: PS5/NSW Genre: RPG/Adventure
URL: https: //playism.com/game/temtem/

Steel Rising
Release date: 8th (JP) Model: PS5 Genre: Action RPG
URL: https: //www.3goo.co.jp/product/steelRising/

Alice Gear Aigis CS-Concert of Simulatorx ~
Release date: 8th (JP) Model: PS5/PS4/NSW Genre: 3D Battle Action
URL: http: //5pb.jp/games/aliceGeasaegis/


Sword, magic and school quest. ]
Release date: 8th (JP) Model: PC/PS4/NSW Genre: Strategy RPG
URL: https: //totomono.acquire.co.jp/quest/

Black Witchcraft
Release date: 8th (JP) Model: PC Genre: Gothic Action Adventure
URL: http: //black-witchcraft.com/

I’m Airport Hero Haneda
Release date: 8th (JP) Model: NSW Genre: Aviation Control Simulation/Puzzle
URL: http: //www.sonicpowaired.co.jp/bokukan/nsw/rjtt/

Fox is waiting for me
Release date: 8th (JP) Model: PS4 Genre: Adventure
URL: https: //cosen-net.com/foxps4/

Splatoon 3
Release date: 9th (JP) Model: NSW Genre: Action Shooting
URL: https: //www.nintendo.co.jp/switch/av5ja/

NBA 2K23
Release date: 9th (JP) Model: PC/PS5/PS4/XSX | S/XB1/NSW Genre: Basketball
URL: https: //nba2k.jp/

Release date: 13 days (US) Model: PC/PS5/PS4/XSX | S/XB1 Genre: WWI/FPS
URL: https: //www.ww1Gameseries.com/isonzo/

Freedom Planet 2
Release date: 13th (US) Model: PC Genre: 2D Action
URL: https: //freedomplanet2.com/

LoveCraft’s Untold Stories 2
Release date: 13th (US) Model: PC Genre: Rogue Action RPG
URL: https: //store.steampowered.com/app/1401400/lovecrafts_untold_Stories_2/

Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races Offline
Release date: 15th (JP) Model: PC/PS5/PS4/NSW Genre: RPG
URL: https: //www.dqx.jp/offline/

Destroy All Humans! 2-Replobed ]
Release date: 15th (JP) Model: PS5 Genre: Earth Invasion Action Adventure
URL: https: //sits.google.com/view/dah2/

Holy Tower God Trinity Trigger
Release date: 15th (JP) Model: PS5/PS4/NSW Genre: Action RPG
URL: https: //www.trinity-trigger.com/

Fairy Fencer F Refrain Chord
Release date: 15th (JP) Model: PS5/PS4/NSW Genre: Tactics RPG
URL: https: //www.compileheart.com/fairyfencer_f/rc/

Release date: 15th (US) Model: PC/PS5/XSX | S Genre: Rhythm Action FPS
URL: https: //store.steampowered.com/app/1061910/metal_hellSinger/

Dungeons 3 Nintendo Switch Edition
Release date: 15th (JP) Model: NSW Genre: Dungeon Management Simulation
URL: https: //kalypsomedia.co.jp/dungeons3/

SBK 22
Release date: 15th (US) Model: PC/PS5/PS4/XSX | S/XB1 Genre: Bike Lacing
URL: https: //sbkvideogame.com/

despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder
Release date: 15th (US) Model: PC/PS5/PS4/XSX | S/XB1/NSW Genre: Rogue Tactics Battle
URL: https: //www.despotsgame.com/

Netmarble F & Cs subsidiary Meta Bus World Micro Seoul 2022 sponsored

[Seo Woo-won Park Ye-jin reporter] Netmarble (CEO Young-Sik Kwon, Do Ki-wook) is a subsidiary of Netmarble F & C (CEO Seo Woo-won), a subsidiary of ‘Micros World’ at Seoul Land Picnic Park on the 27th to 28th. It was announced on the 26th to sponsor.

‘Micro Seoul 2022 NFT Sound & Bear Festa’ is a festival that combines media art, electronic dance music (EDM) sound, and various performances produced by substitute for non-instrumental tokens (NFT) worldviews. And DJ crews will participate.


Micro Seoul participates in popular DJs such as Thomas Gold, Mesto, and Kaze, as well as popular DJs and hip-hop artists in Korea, and Digital Human Lina, developed by Netmarble F & C’s subsidiary Methabus Entertainment, will appear as Virtual DJ.

In commemoration of the festival, ‘Meta Bus World’ will hold ‘Lina’ NFT Airdrop event through Cube Wallet.

‘Lina’ is a digital human who aims to be a complex personality with personality, talent, and various narratives. In March, she signed an exclusive contract with the entertainment agency, Sublime, and was also selected as a cover model for fashion magazine Nylon Korea.

Kim Joo-han, head of the Meta Bus World Business Development Division, said, Mike Seoul is a novel festival that combines NFT, and this sponsorship is expected to be a good opportunity to announce the vision of Meta Bus World.

Meanwhile, Meta Bus World operates a web 3 entertainment platform ‘cube’ that encompasses games, digital human, entertainment, content (webtoons and web novels), commerce and electronic wallets based on blockchain technology. It aims to form a metanomic ecosystem using Cube, a virtual asset based on Binance Smartchain (BSC), and is developing a meta bus that users’ avatars and digital human beings are together.

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