You can now use the discode within Xbox.


On July 20, 2022, XBOX announced that the official site will be able to use the Discord voice chat inside the Xbox console. It can be used by Xbox Insider, the current test program, and will soon be updated for all users.

This update seems to be a follow-up to the partnership between Xbox and Discords, which were announced in 2018. At the time, Microsoft updated the ability to link Xbox Live accounts with a Discord account.

When the news is released, gamers are paying attention to whether the PS will be able to use the Discord function soon. On May 3, 2021, Sony announced a partnership with Discords, saying, Our goal is to make the experience of Discord and PlayStation more closer to console and mobile from early next year.

Currently, PS supports linkage between PSN and Discord accounts, but has not yet announced the ability to use Discord voice chat inside the PS.

However, the partnership of Xbox and Discord and this update had about four years of term. PS’s Discord voice chat feature update is likely to take a long time.