Throughout history, Goku has dominated different techniques to overcome its various opponents. Although some have been more memorable than others, it is always interesting when a power that many forgot is back. This was the case of the most recent chapter of the manga of dragon ball super .

Although it seemed that Gas was about to be defeated, the villain in turn obtained an improvement of power that almost defeated Goku. Fortunately, the unexpected appearance of Granolah avoided the death of our hero. In this way, the two warriors who were enemies at the time decided to join forces. While Granolah carried the definitive attack of him, Kakaroto was in charge of providing support, and This was where his form of great energy reappears, the one we saw for the first time in the battle against Moro.


Recall that it seems to overcome Moro, Goku used all the power of the ultra instinct to create a giant projection capable of using enormous strength, although only momentary. Although this ability does not yet have a clear name, it was good to see it once again at such a critical moment for this arch.

Now, the question is: Gas has been defeated? Considering that the next chapter of dragon ball super will premiere until August 19, We still have to wait a whole month to have a clear response . In related issues, dragon ball: The Breakers already has a release date.