Microsoft and Discord announced on July 20 that the voice chat function of the communication tool Discord will be introduced to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. First, it will be provided for the Xbox Insiders program participants from the same day, and will be open to all users.

Discord is a communication tool that allows you to create a server and interact with members. In addition to voice chat, text and video chat is also possible. Originally provided and developed as a tool for gamers, it is now provided as a service open not only for games but also in a wide range of communities. The Xbox Console has been supported by both accounts. And this time, in addition to the functions on the Xbox side, the voice chat function of Discord is also available.

Introducing the Discord voice chat function into the Xbox console requires an account linkage. As a method, first press the Xbox button on the controller in the Xbox console and access the party and chat in the displayed guide. Then, if you select Try Discord Voice on Xbox, the QR code will be displayed. Read the QR code with a smartphone and link with the Discord account with the Xbox app.

From the Discord app and desktop version, it is OK to link with the Xbox account. If both accounts have already been linked before this announcement, it is necessary to re-cooperate again. Please check the Discord support site for detailed procedures.

When the collaboration between the Xbox and the Discord account is completed, the Discord voice chat function is available on the Xbox console. In addition, the option of Join on Xbox is added to the Discord app. At this time, the Xbox app for mobile seems to play a role in connecting the Discord voice chat with the Xbox console, so it is necessary to install the app. Discord voice chat on the Xbox console is operated based on the Discord terms.


Xbox Series X | S and Discord voice chat functions in Xbox One are being provided for Xbox Insiders program participants. Xbox Insiders is a program that allows you to try new features under development and send feedback. It will be gradually expanded in the next few weeks. After such a test, it will be open to all users when it is officially implemented.