Each time you collect a Shiny Rhinocerous, it has a one in three chance of becoming a Transcendent Rhino . To breed Transcendent Rhinos, make your way via the swamped woodland and also accumulate Shiny Rhinos, wait 5 mins for them all to respawn, then repeat. Maintain trying up until you are fortunate sufficient to locate a transcendent rhinocerous.

All Transcendent Rhinocerous locations in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is loaded with antiques for crafting or currency. The transcendent rhino is one such collectible that is very tough to find. After you have actually finished gathering Twisted Stiffbones, right here’s every little thing you require to learn about the transcendent rhino and also just how to catch it in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

To get Transcendent Rhinocerouses you need to Collect Shiny Rhinos . The areas marked on the map above show that you should collect all 5 Shiny Rhinos in the Flooded Forest. They can be located on trees and the one on top of the holy place calls for an eruptive barrel to break with the wall.

The Transcendent Rhino is an extremely rare insect that can just be collected in the Flooded Woodland at Pole rank Expeditions or Quests. You have to be lucky to capture them. Transcendent Rhinos are really similar to Shiny Pokémon.


What are transcendent rhinocerouses used for?

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is readily available currently for PC as well as Nintendo Switch.

Transcendent Rhinos will compensate you with 650 Kamura Details . They are also needed for some side missions, so follow the formula above to obtain them. Best of luck searching them all as well as keep in mind that it’s all an issue of time and good luck prior to you obtain the Transcendent Rhinos you require.

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The Transcendent Rhinocerous is an exceptionally unusual pest that can just be accumulated in the Flooded Woodland at Pole ranking Expeditions or Quests. To obtain Transcendent Rhinos you have to Collect Shiny Rhinos . Each time you accumulate a Shiny Rhinocerous, it has a one in three opportunity of ending up being a Transcendent Rhinocerous . Transcendent Rhinos will certainly award you with 650 Kamura Things .