Marnie is one of the many Pelican Town residents. Part of Stardew Valley’s magic is to meet these characters, like Marnie, and make friends with them. And that link can grow if you help them by making specific requests or giving them gifts. If you like what Marnie ranchera is, here is what Marnie likes in Stardew Valley .


What does Marnie like in Stardew Valley? Answered

As with all the characters with whom you can make friends or romance, what Marnie likes to be divided into two categories: I like and love. If she loves a gift that you gave her, you will gain more points of friendship than if you receive a gift that she only likes.

Gifts that Marnie likes and loves

Give Marnie a gift that she loves at Stardew Valley will give 80 points of friendship. That is almost double points of friendship granted that a gift she likes. Here are all the gifts that Marnie loves:

  • Diamond
  • Farmer lunch
  • Pink cake
  • Pumpkin cake
  • All universal loves
    • Specific gifts loved by all, such as Rabbit’s Feet and Magic Rock Candy.

Image Source: Eric Barone, Sickhead Games, Conernedope

Any of these will make Marnie answer: This is an incredible gift! Thank you! That is a sign that she loved it.

Give Marnie a gift that she likes at Stardew Valley only gives 45 points of friendship. That is a little more than half of a beloved gift, but many of the gifts that Marnie likes are much easier to get. It is definitely worth giving you some to start friendship and then advance. These are the articles that Marnie likes:

  • Any type of egg
    • Hate empty eggs.
  • Any type of milk
  • Quartz
  • All universal tastes
    • Like universal loves, universal tastes are liked by everyone, such as flowers (except Poppy).

Marnie will say: Thank you! If she received one of the gifts she likes from her.

Gifts that Marnie hates and dislikes

Naturally, if there are gifts that Marnie would love to receive, then there must be gifts that you do not like. Giving him any of these gifts is an effective way to reduce the points of friendship with Marnie in Stardew Valley:

  • Salmon
  • Seaweed
  • Wild spicy radish
  • Clay
  • Acebo
  • All universal aversions and universal hatred
    • An example of a gift she hates is clay.

Delivering a gift that Marnie doesn’t like or that she hates will make her respond with Oh. I guess I will take it or this is worth nothing. I don’t understand you, respectively.

Movies and food marnie loves and hates in the cinema

Later in Stardew Valley, you will get access to the movie theater. This is an excellent place to improve friendships by giving them a ticket. You can earn additional friendship points by having concessions that they also enjoy.

Keep this in mind when you send you a ticket:

  • The Miracle at Coldstar Ranch is her favorite movie; she loves it.
    • All other movies just like them. Marie is not very demanding.
  • Marnie loves ice cream sandwiches and star drop sorbet.
    • Any other concession is fine, but she does not like black licorice, french fries, jojacola, jojacorn, nachos, salty peanuts and corn popcorn with truffle.

Now that you know what Marnie likes at Stardew Valley , go play well with her. Note the fact that Marnie cannot be idealized. If what you are looking for is to marry a character, taking into account Sebastian, he simply avoids clay; She hates clay.

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