It has been revealed that the number of simultaneous connection players in the survival game Raft released by AXOLOT GAMES has been developed by RedBeet Interactive.

This is an maritime survival game starting from one squid. While dealing with threats such as sharks, we use drifting to expand the squid, and adventure to solve the mystery of ancient civilization while surviving.

It was conducted early access to ITCH.IO in 2016 and Steam in 2018, but the final chapter was added on June 21 and the story was completed. It was a formal release of about 4 years. A Steam Summer Sale will start soon after the official release, and you can purchase it for 15%off for 1,683 yen until July 8.

According to the unofficial database site, SteamDB, the number of players increased by about 15,000 people on June 20 local time, when the official release version was distributed, to 66,000 peaks. Since then, the number of players has gradually increased, and the number of players has exceeded 100,000 on the 26th. In addition to the official release, it is thought that Steam Summer Sale, which has been held on the 23rd, has become a tailwind.


RAFT is being distributed for PC (Steam).