Florian Wellbrock initially really did not recognize whether he ought to be giggling or sad. The defending champ over 1500 meters freestyle won his second World Cup medal at the swimming world champions in Budapest on Saturday night in the Duna Field, yet his huge task was gold.

After 3 silver by Lukas Märtens, Anna Elendt as well as Wellbrock, it was the fourth valuable metal for the German group at the end of Budapest’s pelvic competitors. This means that the German swimmers have had the best document since the 2009 World Cup. The topping on the cake, a World Cup title, was denied in the swimming pool.

Absolutely nothing came of it because the Italian Gregorio Paltrinieri swam far from the continual various other favorites, in the meanwhile also over 3 seconds under world document and also simply might no longer be caught up. And in the last sprint, Olympic champ Bobby Finke from the United States was once again faster than Wellbrock.

Wellbrock pleased with the bronze medal

So you saw Wellbrock drawing a couple of quick lanes on Saturday morning before the morning session, reviewing with Berkhahn once more as well as once more, however additionally as a fun cannon. As a freestyle swimmer Rafael Miroslaw, for example, an eruption system over 25 meters sponge, Wellbrock paddled to and fro with his arms backward and forward on the side of the pool, in order to after that take a winning present with a laugh.

I understood that Gregorio (Paltrinieri) would take it promptly, however I would certainly not have assumed that he was so fast, claimed Wellbrock the last. He makes a wave, that is incredible, claimed the 24-year-old and was very pleased about the Magdeburg team result. After that we can go home really satisfied, said Wellbrock.

I won bronze, said Wellbrock, stressing that it was no much longer easy to get on the podium in this discipline. Perhaps that held true a few years ago, yet not in the performance density anymore. I came close to my ideal time, stated the open water Olympic champ.

Wellbrock had placed his special emphasis on the 1500 meters. After winning the initial run against the strong competition, he attached wonderful relevance to fast regrowth.

2nd podium at the World Cup

I more than happy. Sixth of the world, stated Braunschweig, who likewise gained from the disqualification of the American Justin Ress, who dived as well long after the beginning. The Americans constantly like to thrill that, this moment it was as well much a tick, stated the Berliner, who after that came to be 6th in the 4×100-meter design with Lucas Matzerath, Eric Friese as well as Rafael Miroslaw.

I won bronze, stated Wellbrock, stressing that it was no much longer very easy to get on the platform in this technique. Wellbrock had actually placed his unique emphasis on the 1500 meters. I knew that Gregorio (Paltrinieri) would take it rapidly, however I would not have believed that he was so quick, claimed Wellbrock the last. Then we can go home extremely completely satisfied, said Wellbrock.

Prior to his bronze medal, Anna Elendt over 50 meters of breast and also Ole Braunschweig over 50 meters back had actually also presented themselves nicely as the sixth. I was quite thrilled as well as at 50 only one point really did not have to fit. I desired too much and also the frequency was too expensive. Pink dresses swam in black. I wished to place on a brand-new match regarding the 50, yet regrettably I really did not have one in pink, said Elendt.

The 4×1500 meter relay in open water is currently pending on Sunday. I have to recuperate rapidly now. Yet a whole lot is less complicated in the team, claimed Wellbrock.

A whole lot is simpler in the group, stated Wellbrock.