… the factor for the rather clear victory: being Herthaner was definitive.

… the contact with sports manager Fredi Bobic as well as investor Lars Windhorst: I exchanged my own with Fredi. We will certainly make a consultation with Mr. Windhorst. Nothing has happened. The second action prior to the. We are currently setting up with the Presidium and ballot.

… the election dayPolitical election It was exhausting, laborious was exciting-and in the end it was true that real members made their decision in choice way in means sense of: Where does this club want to desire? And also currently he has the opportunity to receive from to heal outdoors?

… the brand-new presidium: It corresponds to my concepts, however I had no concrete assumption. … the operational withdrawal from his communication as well as advertising agency: This is due to the fact that I have an excellent group that is structured in such a way that it is grasping the tasks and structures al1. … Frank Steffel’s efforts to relocate him to withdraw from the presidential prospect: I stayed true to myself and have actually pursued what I stated. … his means from the ultra to the head of state of an expert club: It means a hefty concern to be the first to go this path and stand out from the ultra generation. … his concepts for the collaboration with Windhorst: A substantially much better communication as well as synergy connection on the degrees where Hertha does much better.

… his concepts for the collaboration with Windhorst: A significantly better communication and synergy tie on the levels where Hertha does better. In recent years, we have not had the argument about 50 +1 in the club. That is not in the club law. I think that we need the discussion to resolve this in the inner conflict of the participants and also to function out an attitude. The truth says: Mr. Windhorst is there, he has the shares. To incorporate the very best feasible and also achieve our objectives with it.

… his way from the ultra to the president of an expert club: It suggests a hefty worry to be the first to go this course and also stand out from the ultra generation. However, for me the Herthan is above. Just after that is over Man, the follower, the ultra, the cowl, the main grandeurer. The Herthan is much a lot more important.

… the brand-new presidium: It matches to my suggestions, yet I had no concrete assumption. We claimed from the beginning we didn’t enter there with a team. We did not intend to draw up new walls, which we then take down once again have to.

… Frank Steffel’s attempts to move him to withdraw from the governmental candidate: I stayed real to myself and have actually pursued what I said. Of training course, it is additionally regarding the 1300 participants who have not picked me to extend their hand and also tell them: We take you seriously, yours, yours Fears, your reservations. Allow’s chat to the people, it will be important.

… the functional withdrawal from his communication and also advertising firm: This is due to the fact that I have a great group that is structured as though it is understanding the structures and jobs al1. My better half will take over the administration, it is too The accredited agent with us. There will certainly be full focus on Hertha BSC.

… his feeling before the selection: I was confident that it would certainly not be a defeat. In the end, I couldn’t lose.


… The number of congratulations on him: As well lots of (smiles). Currently you can allow it sink briefly for currently It matters. At the temperatures you can currently consume a beer.

… The concern of which he got the members: With the Hertha-DNA. With that there is a Herthaner at the front who is truly prepared to offer whatever as well as make the most effective decisions in the feeling of Hertha BSC.

I do not do it alone and also not the second step before the. We are currently sitting down with the Presidium as well as ballot.

Kay Bernstein

After completion of the practically seven-hour general meeting in Berlin Citycube, the new head of state chosen by 2024 provided the participants his most essential message on our method house: Let’s take the energy and hope of this general meeting with us, let’s look ahead together and also do it better!

I stunned me that there were 390 votes.

Kay Bernstein

… his begin: On Wednesday, 6 p.m., we have Presidium meeting. The primary task will be to transform the presidium a dedicated bunch of team that Hertha shows.

Interactions supervisor Kay Bernstein talked to the media…