In Garena Free Fire, each team consists of four people, and players can choose any of the various characters to get a strong composition of the team. The composition of your team will determine the game style in the game, and players can ideally choose characters who give them an advantage in battle. An effective combination of characters’ abilities will allow players to master the game. Whether you prefer a secretive approach from a long distance or a tactical close battle, the presence of suitable characters in the team will be crucial. The next list presents a number of game tactics based on the composition of the team and individual abilities of the character.

The best combinations of speed skills in Garena Free Fire?

* Kelly -rush

dj Alock *-Throw the rhythm
chrono -Turner time
Joseph -Crazy movement

Kelly, DJ Alock and Joseph have ability to move, and chrono provides effective cover for teammates. This composition of the team is quite underestimated, but very effective for a quick throw into opponents. This requires reading and adaptation players to any situation before using skills. Drop the Beat gives 5 HP regeneration and increases the speed of the ally by 10%, which is a good way to start rash. In the same way, with the crazy movement of Joseph and Kelly’s jerk, you can move to shoot opponents at different angles. Chrono enters the game when your team is constrained and needs to quickly cover. The correct combination of all four of these abilities will give players a number of mobility options to more often attack opponents.

The best combinations of health skills in Garena Free Fire?

Dmitry *-Healing heartbeat
Dasha -The party is on
chapla -healing song
* Luketa -Hit-trick

The healing heartbeat of Dmitry creates a therapeutic zone with a radius of 3.5 meters, which gives comrades on command +3 HP every second. In the same way, the healing song of the chapel increases the effects of healing objects and skills by 10%. These two characters can play for support, and the other two attack opponents. The hat-trick of the onion increases the maximum health supply by 8 after each destruction. On the other hand, Partying on Dasha reduces the damage received from falls by 30%, reduces the recovery time after falling by 60%, and also reduces the rate of return by 6%. These two characters are ideal for jerks and attacks, quickly moving under unpredictable corners to destroy opponents.

The best combinations of skill for applying damage to Garena Free Fire?

Alvaro *-The art of destruction
Shiri -inflicted damage
Jai -furious reboot
* Hayato -Bushido

The art of destruction of Alvaro increases the damage of explosive weapons by 6% and a range of 7% damage. The delivered short damage is an active reconnaissance tool, since it tracks opponents within a radius of 80 meters, which shot the character for 6 seconds. Jay fierce reload gives players an advantage in battle, automatically reloading the weapon by 30% of its power after a successful knockdown. Busido Hayato increases the breakdown of the armor by 7.5% after every 10% decrease in the maximum health supply. In fact, players can break into the enemy’s location by hacking the entrance using Alvaro. While Red helps with tracking, Jai and Hayato can quickly destroy enemies.

The best combinations of intelligence skills in Garena Free Fire?

moko *-Hacker’s eye
Clound -Tracking steps
Vukong -Camouflage
* K -Master of total

A team that has both MOKO and Club will automatically receive many intelligence options. Hacker’s Eye from MOCO tracks opponents in which they shoot, and CLU Tracing Steps allows players to see enemy locations within 30 meters. An effective combination of these two abilities will allow players to receive a review during each battle. In the same way, the camouflage of Vukonga turns the player into a bush for 15 seconds, which makes him one of the most cunning characters in the game. K’s Master of All has two modes: psychological and Jiu-Jitsu. While PSYCHOLOGIIL gives players 2 EP every two seconds, Jiu-Jitsu allows comrades on the team within 6 meters to receive a 500%increase in EP conversion.

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