Square Enix has finally confirmed a detail about his Final Fantasy VII Remake project that fans have been asking and speculating for a long time. The Japanese editorial has announced How many parts complete the Final Fantasy VII remake project? is made of how a whole.

How many parts are the Final Fantasy VII remake project?

Today, producer Yoshinori Kyse officially announced that the entire project will be composed of 3 parts.

The first has already been released.

It’s Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4, followed by the expanded intergrade version that marked the debut of the beloved game on PS5 and PC (both through Epic Games Store and Steam).

You can read our review of the original PS4 launch and one of the intermediate episodes added with intergrade, centered on yuffie and designed to close the gap between the first two parts.

The second part will arrive in the winter of 2023 and it is titled Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. At the moment, only a version of PS5 has been announced, but it is likely to be a temporary exclusive as was the first part.

Kite-San mentioned that the third part will come later, but has not confirmed its title or the launch window. We are likely to have to wait a long time to know more about that, although the creative director of the series, Tetsuya Nomura, mentioned that Square Enix has adopted a new development structure that allows them to progress quickly with the creation of Rebirth.

That is all you need to know for on How many parts is the Final Fantasy VII Remake project. Of course, it must be attentive to VII Rebirth, since we will keep it informed about any other detail and information shared by Square Enix in the future.


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