Maple Story’s Burning is an indispensable event that can grow new characters quickly in the summer season. And this year, the level range is expanded more than before. Beyond the 200 level at the time of the existing Terra Burning, this time, if you raise the level 1 to level 250, ‘Hyper Burning’ will begin. Hyper Burning will start on June 30 and is the most responsive part of the Maple Story’s summer update.

Maple Story Summer Update, including Hyper Burning, was released in the showcase on the 11th. The showcase was broadcast live on the official YouTube of Maple Story for about 3 hours, and Kang Won-ki, Director of Planning and Director of Planning, Kim Chang-seop. This summer update includes Hyper Burning, an extreme that improves the Cygnus Knights’ occupation, boss and monster park, and a new area aimed at the top users.

First of all, the Cygnus Knights reorganization, like the existing adventurer, develops in the direction of supplementing the irrational part of the battle due to its unique skill design. A total of six characters, including Soul Master, Flé Imperialzard, Wind Breaker, Night Walker, Strike, and Mikhail. The reorganization will be available in advance at the test world held on the 11th and 23rd, and this server will be added on June 30.

First of all, the Soul Master will enhance the direction of going to the sun and the moon by increasing the efficiency of the sun and the moon stences, and adding a new skill that uses the new resource ‘Cosmo of’. Flépercards have a growing number of flagship orbital flame flame balls, and Lion mode and Fox mode are improved in the direction of hunting and boss battles, respectively.

The windbreaker then strengthens the synergy between the skills that are considered somewhat weak while maintaining the battle flow of the core attack skills that occur every time they hit the enemy. Night Walker also enhances convenience and strengthens bat concepts by putting jump cancellation while using the personality that attacks the target endlessly.

Finally, the striker strengthens the skill linkage, which is the core, and allows you to continue the combo more smoothly than before. Mikhail is reorganized to enhance defense skills and support and increase its own firepower to enhance the theme of light shield.

The story is reinforced with the reorganization. The crew said that the Cygnus Knights has played a role as a MapleStory Story root, dealing with the journey of the beginner’s knight. Therefore, it will maintain the existing flow, but emphasize the characters of the knights and each character, and strengthen the bonds with each other to convey the feeling that the player becomes a member of the Knights. In addition, the story density is improved by complementing some shortcomings.


On July 28, the extreme update will be reorganized to reorganize bosses, monster parks, and field hunting. First of all, the boss adds extreme mode, which is a higher level of difficulty for the Black Wizard and Seren. The Monster Park is then expanded with Moras, Espera, Celas, and Moonbridge Zones, and the 260-level party content monster park explanation will be reopened. Finally, the field improves the rune system efficiency that eliminates unexpected missions that are considered low efficiency and helps hunting. The elite boss is then reorganized into a powerful monster level, allowing more users to catch it and add new elite bosses to the Grandis region.

Lastly, on August 25, a new area Lab Audiium will be held from level 275. The journey to regain the lost power, and major characters such as Tae-eul and Caring appear.

In addition, the spring project related to the spring project, which is improving the game based on user opinions, will be reflected on June 30. Tennebris, Grandis’ daily quest experience, change to exchanges in the chair item world, removal of the flag race entry time, and the lowest price for the Maple Auction (auction house). In addition, the summer event, Ignation Fireworks Festival, which can earn various rewards, including the elimination of growth, will begin on the 30th.