As you know, Netflix has begun to expand its horizons, and one of the most interesting projects is a section of mobile games within its application. In addition to projects related to Stranger Things, and other series, today it has been revealed that an interactive experience ofLa Casa de Papel_ is already in development for this platform.

Announced during the Netflix Geeked Week, The game ofLa Casa de Papel_ is an experience that combines different mini-games and puzzles to create an adventure that manages to resemble the most that can be to the Spanish series. Unfortunately, for the moment there is no launch date, or additional details that clarify the doubts that the public has.

Next to La de Papel, They are also in development games of the queen’s gambit, shadow and bone, and _too hot to handle. The title inspired by the Anya Taylor-Joy series is, as you surely imagined it, chess with Puzzle elements. For its part, Shadow and Bone will be an RPG which sounds like the company’s most ambitious project. Finally, Too Hot to Handle will try to adapt the situations we find in this reality show.

All these games are currently in development, and are expected to be available at some point of 2023 . In related issues, Netflix has announced a new series of Castevania. Similarly, here you can see Tekken’s new advance: Bloodline.

Editor’s note:

Considering that the games that are currently in Netflix are quite simple, I would not be surprised if these new projects get to feel quite simple experiences. However, it is impressive that the company has planned to launch four games throughout the next year.