Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk), a subsidiary of Com2us Platform (CEO Song Jae-jun), announced on the 10th that he donated digital devices to Cryptos Custoro (CEO Jang Joong-hyuk) as part of social contribution activities.

Digital devices, such as the laptop donated by Com2us Holdings, will be delivered to five community centers to be opened in low-developed countries such as Nepal, Pakistan, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. The community center is established for the purpose of education and job creation for IT workers in the region. The project is supported by domestic and foreign IT companies, including domestic institutions such as the Korea Productivity Headquarters and Com2us Platform.

Currently, low-developed countries are considered to be vulnerable to economic independence, such as relying on the remittance of overseas migrant workers. When the project of Cryptos Course Dao is on track, it is expected to contribute to the expansion of jobs and productivity in the underdeveloped countries and to support the education of IT workers to increase the competitiveness of the digital field in the country.

Com2us Group aims to be a global leader in the field of web 3-based cultural contents and is practicing social responsibility in various ways, including cultural arts and community development. He is also focusing on ESG management, including social contribution activities such as ‘Sharing the Culture and Arts Exhibition’, ‘Global IT Class’, and ‘Anyangcheon Environmental Improvement Task’. In the future, Com2us Group plans to share warmth in the international community that needs help as a mature global company.