A few days ago what was a rumor known to almost everyone was confirmed. Sony, along with its PlayStation video game brand, is working on the development of a handful of series on tremendously known franchises. The thing does not end in The Last of Us, which is already being shot, but already work in a series of God of War and another of Horizon .

In MGG we like to elucidate about which actors could each main character interpret in this type of projects, as we already demonstrate with the article about League of Legends and its MCU. Today we are going to see who could be Kratos , Aloy and the rest of the protagonists.

Kratos-Dave Bautista

Kratos’ physicist is important, that is clear. We need someone imposing and our first option was Christopher Judge, who puts a voice in the video game. The problem is that perhaps he is somewhat greater for the role with his 57 years, and that is why we must find alternatives.

One of them would be Jason Momoa, who perfectly meets the role, but the truth is that we do not see his head shaved. In addition, Kratos is more age if this second Nordic part adapts, so we stay with another classic of action such as Dave Bautista.


Anyone who has played God of War of PS4, will know that ALEUS and Kratos They are the two protagonists. The Spartan son is key in the plot, and possibly one of the most hateable children in the history of the video game. And what more odiable person in fiction that Sheldon Cooper?

IAIN ARMITAGE is the actor who embodies Sheldon in Big Bang Theory called The Young Sheldon. He is currently 13 years old and could fit perfectly in the role of Domen.

Mimir-Willem Dafoe

We need someone tremendously charismatic to make Mimir , that speaker head that knows so much about the world of God of War, and that accompanies Kratos and Domen during the adventure. And what better than someone with a very recognizable voice and a first-class facial gesture such as Willem Dafoe .

Aloy-Rose Leslie

The Scottish actress is one of the most sought-after of the moment. After the first jump to her fame as Gwen in Downton Abbey and her second as Ygritte in Game of Thrones, the young woman has chained good roles in series such as Vigil, The Good Fight or the traveler’s woman in time.

Her red hair and her interpretive talent would serve to get the role of Aloy . While she may seem like a role similar to Ygritte , the reality is that she would have much more action and, surely, much less cold than to the north of the wall.

Sylens-Lance Reddick

We arrive perhaps at the clearest moment of the entire list. Sylens , Horizon’s enigmatic character who seems to always go ahead of Aloy, should have his actor for a long time. In fact, I can’t think of another possible candidate for the role that lance Reddick , who has already played it during two games.

Reddick is known for films like those of the John Wick saga, but especially for his roles in series like Fringe. As if this were not enough, he appears in several video game series by putting his voice, as well as in another video game such as Quantum Break.