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Orange Planet holds online game theme art exhibitions

[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo] Orange Planet (Center Director Seo Sang-bong) is held at Shinsegae Department Store Centum City Gallery from June 30 to September 18 do.

This exhibition was organized by Shinsegae Gallery and collaborated with Orange Planet, Busan Indie Connect Festival, and Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency.

In the exhibition, the game developed by the Orange Planet Busan Center ‘and’ Fairy’s Bogeumjari (Prosvis Games) ‘,’ Nyan Spa (Zombie Mate) ‘,’ Small Witch in the Forest (Sunny Side Up) ‘ Studio Wheel), Cat Jump (Cat Play), as well as ‘Rooms: Toy Artisan’s Mansion (Handmade Game)’ Eleven game images produced by national and foreign game developers, such as ‘Rally Rally (small game)’, will be displayed.

This exhibition shows the genre of the game, which has been attracting attention as an alternative means of communication during the Corona 19 fan, as a comprehensive combination of narratives, images, and music. Pay attention to the challenging spirit.


In particular, the game is an individual creation that conveys messages to society beyond the role of entertainment means, and views the potential, social value and meaning of the game.

Orange Planet is a non-profit foundation founded by Smilegate, a global entertainment company, provides support programs for startup growth.

Seo Sang-bong, director of Orange Planet Center, said, This exhibition is expected to expand the base that can be communicated with the game in that this exhibition will be introduced and introduced. I hope it can be an opportunity to make a change.

What is the best mech anime?

If you are an anime fan, it will be difficult to see this means in constant expansion and not have seen at least one wick anime. This genre has to do with great robots and action: two things in which almost everyone can agree and result in some great stories and fighting. With that in mind, you will be wondering: What is the best anime of wicks ? Here is everything you need to know.

The best robots anime

While this response may be different for some people, the general consensus tends to be that the best wick anime of all time is neon genesis evangelion . Despite launching more than 25 years ago, this franchise is still announced as one of the most influential and fascinating series that have never appeared in the anime, much less in the Mecha genre.

The story of Neon Genesis Evangelion describes the difficult life of Shinji Ikari, a teenager forced to handle a giant robot to stop an alien invasion. He is one of the rare pilots who is able to synchronize his soul with giant beings similar to machines that humanity has created, known as Evangelions.

What follows is a story fed by tragedy, psychological drama and a series of secrets that could decide the fate of the entire universe. The series is praised by both anime fans and those who are not, since it was so popular that it even obtained numerous video games, novels and additional movies that continue or tell the saga again.

The final film, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice upon to Time, premiered on March 8, 2021 in Netflix with great success, demonstrating that the series remains as popular as ever. That is all you need to know about which is the best anime of wicks is.

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The best accessories in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Each character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is unique in its skills and abilities, as well as a common weapon style. You can also equip accessories to strengthen them, either in their most powerful characteristics, or in lower ones to round them. This can make you ask what the best accessories in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Best Warriors Fire Emblem: Three Hopes accessories

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes there are several types of accessories. Although all of them can be equipped for most characters, relics of the hero and sacred accessories are best equipped for the right character with the right emblem. Here are the best accessories in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, including ordinary relics and sacred accessories.

Hero relics and sacred accessories

AGIDA shield *: Felix-+6 to protection, +3 to resistance
Kadetsui staff : flash-+3 magic
OKVOV DOMMI : Yuri-+3 to speed
Ochin shield *: Settet-+6 to protection
Rafail jam : Jeritsa-+3 to resistance
Seirosa shield : Ray-+5 to protection
* Tirs : Lorenz-+3 magic

Normal accessories

captivating ring with amulet *: +5 charm
Critical ring : increases critical
Olue ring : gives a wary rack

Pearl of experience *: Experience+
Ring of furious power : +5 Power
Healing staff : Healing expert
Magic staff *: Master of Magic
Silver shield : +8 to protection
Ring of quick speed : +5 speed

Who to Give Accessories in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

When deciding who to give the accessory, we recommend that you give it to units, who already have good statistics in this area . This will give them an impulse and will allow them to more effectively use their strengths. In addition, you can increase the weaker characteristics of the character with these accessories.

You must also equip the relics of the hero and sacred accessories to characters with the right emblem. Although they may seem strange, Crest strengthening can be quite powerful.

To obtain additional information about Fire Emblem, read the sections How to appoint an adjutant in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes and Best Gifts for all characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes in professional game guides. *

Squid dollar vivalging RAFT over 100,000 players! In addition to the official release, the summer sale is back

It has been revealed that the number of simultaneous connection players in the survival game Raft released by AXOLOT GAMES has been developed by RedBeet Interactive.

This is an maritime survival game starting from one squid. While dealing with threats such as sharks, we use drifting to expand the squid, and adventure to solve the mystery of ancient civilization while surviving.

It was conducted early access to ITCH.IO in 2016 and Steam in 2018, but the final chapter was added on June 21 and the story was completed. It was a formal release of about 4 years. A Steam Summer Sale will start soon after the official release, and you can purchase it for 15%off for 1,683 yen until July 8.

According to the unofficial database site, SteamDB, the number of players increased by about 15,000 people on June 20 local time, when the official release version was distributed, to 66,000 peaks. Since then, the number of players has gradually increased, and the number of players has exceeded 100,000 on the 26th. In addition to the official release, it is thought that Steam Summer Sale, which has been held on the 23rd, has become a tailwind.


RAFT is being distributed for PC (Steam).

Bernstein: Currently it feels unique

… the factor for the rather clear victory: being Herthaner was definitive.

… the contact with sports manager Fredi Bobic as well as investor Lars Windhorst: I exchanged my own with Fredi. We will certainly make a consultation with Mr. Windhorst. Nothing has happened. The second action prior to the. We are currently setting up with the Presidium and ballot.

… the election dayPolitical election It was exhausting, laborious was exciting-and in the end it was true that real members made their decision in choice way in means sense of: Where does this club want to desire? And also currently he has the opportunity to receive from to heal outdoors?

… the brand-new presidium: It corresponds to my concepts, however I had no concrete assumption. … the operational withdrawal from his communication as well as advertising agency: This is due to the fact that I have an excellent group that is structured in such a way that it is grasping the tasks and structures al1. … Frank Steffel’s efforts to relocate him to withdraw from the presidential prospect: I stayed true to myself and have actually pursued what I stated. … his means from the ultra to the head of state of an expert club: It means a hefty concern to be the first to go this path and stand out from the ultra generation. … his concepts for the collaboration with Windhorst: A substantially much better communication as well as synergy connection on the degrees where Hertha does much better.

… his concepts for the collaboration with Windhorst: A significantly better communication and synergy tie on the levels where Hertha does better. In recent years, we have not had the argument about 50 +1 in the club. That is not in the club law. I think that we need the discussion to resolve this in the inner conflict of the participants and also to function out an attitude. The truth says: Mr. Windhorst is there, he has the shares. To incorporate the very best feasible and also achieve our objectives with it.

… his way from the ultra to the president of an expert club: It suggests a hefty worry to be the first to go this course and also stand out from the ultra generation. However, for me the Herthan is above. Just after that is over Man, the follower, the ultra, the cowl, the main grandeurer. The Herthan is much a lot more important.

… the brand-new presidium: It matches to my suggestions, yet I had no concrete assumption. We claimed from the beginning we didn’t enter there with a team. We did not intend to draw up new walls, which we then take down once again have to.

… Frank Steffel’s attempts to move him to withdraw from the governmental candidate: I stayed real to myself and have actually pursued what I said. Of training course, it is additionally regarding the 1300 participants who have not picked me to extend their hand and also tell them: We take you seriously, yours, yours Fears, your reservations. Allow’s chat to the people, it will be important.

… the functional withdrawal from his communication and also advertising firm: This is due to the fact that I have a great group that is structured as though it is understanding the structures and jobs al1. My better half will take over the administration, it is too The accredited agent with us. There will certainly be full focus on Hertha BSC.

… his feeling before the selection: I was confident that it would certainly not be a defeat. In the end, I couldn’t lose.


… The number of congratulations on him: As well lots of (smiles). Currently you can allow it sink briefly for currently It matters. At the temperatures you can currently consume a beer.

… The concern of which he got the members: With the Hertha-DNA. With that there is a Herthaner at the front who is truly prepared to offer whatever as well as make the most effective decisions in the feeling of Hertha BSC.

I do not do it alone and also not the second step before the. We are currently sitting down with the Presidium as well as ballot.

Kay Bernstein

After completion of the practically seven-hour general meeting in Berlin Citycube, the new head of state chosen by 2024 provided the participants his most essential message on our method house: Let’s take the energy and hope of this general meeting with us, let’s look ahead together and also do it better!

I stunned me that there were 390 votes.

Kay Bernstein

… his begin: On Wednesday, 6 p.m., we have Presidium meeting. The primary task will be to transform the presidium a dedicated bunch of team that Hertha shows.

Interactions supervisor Kay Bernstein talked to the media…

Pokemon Snap arrives at Nintendo Switch online + Expansion package

Another Nintendo 64 clPokémon Snapsic hPokémon Snap joined the Nintendo Switch + expansion package catalog. This is Pokémon Snap, a title that came out on the machine of Kyoto back in 1999 (2000 in Europe) and that poses a different concept to the rest of the video games of the saga. On this occPokémon Snapion, we continue to capture creatures, but not in the way one could think at first sight: we do it through the camera.

Pokémon Snap invites us to observe the Pokémon in various places of their natural habitat and allows us to photograph the most original plans. Another of the most important video games of the brand for this console, Pokémon Stadium, is not yet available in the service.

All Nintendo 64 games on Nintendo Switch Online

  1. Pokémon Snap
  2. Super Mario 64
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s MPokémon Snapk
  5. Mario Kart 64

6. Lylat Wars
7. Yoshi’s Story
8. Sin & Punishment
9. Dr. Mario 64
10. Mario Tennis
11. Operation Winback
12. Paper Mario
13. Banjo-Kazooie
14. F-Zero x
15. Mario Golf
16. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Nintendo recently added Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards , a platforms starring the pink ball that debuted on online switch with a serious bug. However, those of Kyoto announced that they were working on a solution, so they subsequently launched a patch. Since the first games came out, certain emulation failures have occurred, which Nintendo hPokémon Snap gradually corrected.

The spirit of Pokémon Snap revived in Nintendo Switch by New Pokémon Snap , a video game that recovers the idea and moves it to a modern system.

The price of the subscription to Nintendo Switch online + Expansion package is 39.99 euros for the individual plan and 69.99 euros for the family member.

Bronze rather of gold: Wellbrock sheds the title and also is still satisfied

Florian Wellbrock initially really did not recognize whether he ought to be giggling or sad. The defending champ over 1500 meters freestyle won his second World Cup medal at the swimming world champions in Budapest on Saturday night in the Duna Field, yet his huge task was gold.

After 3 silver by Lukas Märtens, Anna Elendt as well as Wellbrock, it was the fourth valuable metal for the German group at the end of Budapest’s pelvic competitors. This means that the German swimmers have had the best document since the 2009 World Cup. The topping on the cake, a World Cup title, was denied in the swimming pool.

Absolutely nothing came of it because the Italian Gregorio Paltrinieri swam far from the continual various other favorites, in the meanwhile also over 3 seconds under world document and also simply might no longer be caught up. And in the last sprint, Olympic champ Bobby Finke from the United States was once again faster than Wellbrock.

Wellbrock pleased with the bronze medal

So you saw Wellbrock drawing a couple of quick lanes on Saturday morning before the morning session, reviewing with Berkhahn once more as well as once more, however additionally as a fun cannon. As a freestyle swimmer Rafael Miroslaw, for example, an eruption system over 25 meters sponge, Wellbrock paddled to and fro with his arms backward and forward on the side of the pool, in order to after that take a winning present with a laugh.

I understood that Gregorio (Paltrinieri) would take it promptly, however I would certainly not have assumed that he was so fast, claimed Wellbrock the last. He makes a wave, that is incredible, claimed the 24-year-old and was very pleased about the Magdeburg team result. After that we can go home really satisfied, said Wellbrock.

I won bronze, said Wellbrock, stressing that it was no much longer easy to get on the podium in this discipline. Perhaps that held true a few years ago, yet not in the performance density anymore. I came close to my ideal time, stated the open water Olympic champ.

Wellbrock had placed his special emphasis on the 1500 meters. After winning the initial run against the strong competition, he attached wonderful relevance to fast regrowth.

2nd podium at the World Cup

I more than happy. Sixth of the world, stated Braunschweig, who likewise gained from the disqualification of the American Justin Ress, who dived as well long after the beginning. The Americans constantly like to thrill that, this moment it was as well much a tick, stated the Berliner, who after that came to be 6th in the 4×100-meter design with Lucas Matzerath, Eric Friese as well as Rafael Miroslaw.

I won bronze, stated Wellbrock, stressing that it was no much longer very easy to get on the platform in this technique. Wellbrock had actually placed his unique emphasis on the 1500 meters. I knew that Gregorio (Paltrinieri) would take it rapidly, however I would not have believed that he was so quick, claimed Wellbrock the last. Then we can go home extremely completely satisfied, said Wellbrock.

Prior to his bronze medal, Anna Elendt over 50 meters of breast and also Ole Braunschweig over 50 meters back had actually also presented themselves nicely as the sixth. I was quite thrilled as well as at 50 only one point really did not have to fit. I desired too much and also the frequency was too expensive. Pink dresses swam in black. I wished to place on a brand-new match regarding the 50, yet regrettably I really did not have one in pink, said Elendt.

The 4×1500 meter relay in open water is currently pending on Sunday. I have to recuperate rapidly now. Yet a whole lot is less complicated in the team, claimed Wellbrock.

A whole lot is simpler in the group, stated Wellbrock.

Episode 2.8 – spicy outlets as well as 400 PS3

Press X to Podcast is the location where we are speaking about and familiarize the truth video. No manuscripts, no jobs, just 3-5 individuals speak The Gamings as well as The Information that passion them. Subscribe on Spotify, Anchor or wherever you get your podcasts! Not sponsored by Grammarly, but hey, it’s a cool product and also we gave them a cost-free plugin for this program.

On this episode of Press X To Podcast, Paul, James and Rhett materialize with Death Stranding, Jedi: Fallen Order, Pokemon Step, and also extra. On the other hand, taking the lunch money from bug de withdrawal is satisfying and we are regulated by Phil Spencer. Additionally covered: big pineapple kids.

Love, subscribe, comply with, connect and also share this glorious gem of a podcast with all those you have already satisfied or that you have become aware of. do you wish to call us? Do you intend to push X MERCH? Send your questions to [email protected].

The story of Sonic Frontiers is much deeper than we think: it will certainly treat moody and catastrophe

Furthermore, the screenwriter has confirmed that less light concerns will be gone over than on other events. There are likewise the secrets of the Starfall Islands and also how the tragedies of the previous lead us to the journey of the here and now, claims Flynn. The personality of ‘Never claim Sonic’ is evaluated.

Week by week we know more Sonic Frontiers. For instance, we have seen different gameplays that teach us what their globe will certainly resemble, as well as even from SEGA they have actually disclosed that the period of the primary project will inhabit in between 20 and 30 hours.

What will your tale be around? The screenwriter Ian Flynn has actually been able to talk to IGN regarding it and also, although we already observed a really certain songs as well as an ambience that invited the mystery, he has actually confirmed that the primary style of history is moody , or a minimum of he would define it.

Immediately in view, the launch day of Sonic Frontiers on Computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X | S and Nintendo Switch is established for some moment of 2022 . It must be kept in mind that, for SEGA, Frontiers is not an exemption , however that is the major dedication to the future of the blue hedgehog in video clip games.

Sorrow is a recommendation to define the story Ian Flynn Sorrow is a great word to define history. The Resolute Spirit of Sonic leads him to adventure and also enables him to aid his good friends in his pals in his Individual obstacles, discusses Flynn, who claims that the personalities we discover will see their identity formed by communications with Sonic.

Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference Opening. New Game Industry Innovation Engine

The Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference, hosted by the Korea Game Media Association, opened on the 23rd at the Pangyo Creative Economy Innovation Center in Gyeonggi-do.

The Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference is an event designed to share the experiences of the game industry for NFT and blockchain games, and to discuss future blueprints.

At this conference, game platform holders such as Wemade and Com2us Holdings, Blockchain Game developers such as XL Games, Rising Wings, and Meta Planet, as well as NFT and blockchain games in various fields such as Exola and Sandbox Network You can meet.

Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, started the conference, starting with the keynote speech of ‘Intergame Economy and Blockchain Game’. Ahead of the official service of WeMix 3.0, the attention of visitors who visited the scene was focused on the story of Jang Hyun-guk, who shares insights on the future blueprint of the blockchain game.

Subsequently, lectures based on the vivid experiences of companies that are operating their own projects such as Com2us Holdings, Rising Wings, and Meta Planet.

Lee Jong-seok, director of Com2us Holdings, will give a lecture on ‘C2X: Game XNFT’, and Rising Wings will give a lecture on ‘good influence through NFT’.

Meta Planet, which is in the midst of its own blockchain platform metaQ, shares the know-how gained by introducing and servicing blockchain games in the global market through the ‘NFT Integrated Platform and P2E Game’s Practical Case of Service Case’.

In addition, insights from various companies in the NFT and blockchain game markets such as Sandbox Network, Exola, Gong Games, Monowus, Nightingale Interactive, and Enpixel are also shared.

Lee Taek-soo, chairman of the Korea Game Media Association, said, Thank you to those who participated in the NFT/Blockchain Game Conference in Korea today. This innovation did not stop even after the conversion.

In addition, The new technology, including blockchain and NFT, is emerging. The Game Media Association will illuminate if NFT and blockchain becomes a game industry innovation engine. I’m going to go to the attendees and yours. I hope today’s conference will be a place for innovation.

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