Grim Dawn is a role-playing game in the action genre, the action of which takes place in the fantasy version of the Victorian era. Having reached the second level, you can choose from different classes, also known as skill, to create various assemblies in accordance with your preferences. To begin with, there are nine different skills that players can also experience, and when you reach the 10th level, you can choose a second skill to create a double class character.

But which class is better? There are many double classes to choose from, so we have created a leadership that describes each skill in detail and understands what second skill is best combined with it.

Soldier class in Grim Dawn

Soldier Mastery is very focused on hand-to-hand combat, and many players are inclined to play in it, using some kind of weapon of close combat and a shield. This master is best combined with the skill of the arcanist after reaching the level of 10 so that players can get combat magician two-year.

This double class is great for novice players, since access to Forecewave will greatly facilitate pumping. Players will also gain access to incredibly powerful passive and switched amplifiers, including the “field command” and “Maine Protection” to increase your damage and increase your survival.

Class of Divnies in Grim Dawn

The skill of the demolition focuses on explosive weapons and is great for long attacks. Also, the best option would be a combination of this skill with the skill of the sorcerer, as it will give you access to sorcerer two-year.

This class has many items that help to support it, and the endgrad will be much easier, since the build will apply a lot of damage and have more mobility. It is not the most stable, but players will be able to inflict great damage to Endgeim bosses.

class of occultists in Grim Dawn

Occult skills are really interesting, because it focuses on supernatural forces and forbidden dark magic, similar to what you saw in the history of Lovecraft. Players can create assemblies for both near and distant battle with the skill of the occultist, but the best master with whom you can combine it will really be a magician.

The combination of these skills will give magician double class, which is the most powerful in the game. Players can send pets for you for you, including familiarity such as the call of a prickly spike and the call of hellish hounds. Players can also strengthen their pets to make them so strong that they can independently clean entire areas.

class Nightblade in Grim Dawn

Nightblade Mastery is a classroom class with two hands that fights with grace. The combination of this master with the skill of the inquisitor would be the best option, since it would create infiltrator two-year. This is a great balance of everything, since you can apply and withstand a large amount of damage on enemies.

We really recommend playing this double class only if you decide to start with the skill of the inquisitor, since there are many advantages that help increase the level, including Word of Pain and Storm Box of Elgoloth.

Class of Arkanist in Grim Dawn

Arkanists focus on magic and attack on their enemies at a distance. In their spells, powerful spontaneous or etheric magic is used, capable of devastating enemies, despite their incredibly weak protection. His combination with the skill of the shaman will give druid a double class that would be the best choice for the players walking along this path.

The double class of druids will give players access to the mass of spontaneous support and stamina when it comes to the use of spells, and you have many different options when it comes to the builds for endgises.

Shaman class in Grim Dawn

Like a night blade, the skill of the shaman is focused on the double-armed weapon of near-fight and rough power. The real difference is that shamans can be called animals as part of their skill. Because of this, one of the best skills with which you can associate it will be the cost of a necromancer so that players can get ritualist two-year.

This is a great double class, because you will both be persistent with high survival, but you can also apply a lot of damage. In general, this is really a comprehensive class that also allows you to call pets if you decide to create a similar assembly.

class Inquisitor in Grim Dawn

*UPDATE 2020* Best leveling builds and class combinations || Grim Dawn New Player Build Guide

The skill of the inquisitor is quite interesting because it focuses on two-handed pistols and spontaneous magic. This skill is available only in the ASHES of Malmuth additions. They have the opportunity to use various runes and relics to help them in battle, and in combination with the skill of a night blade, as indicated above, you can build infiltrator two-year.

Class Necromancer in Grim Dawn

The necromancer is another skill added in the addition of ASHES of Malmouth. This skill is very similar to occultism, although the difference is that they very actively use magic that destroys vitality. They also use calls, such as minions-skeletons.

As mentioned above, the best skill with which this can be combined when it comes to double classes is a shaman, because you will have access to create ritualist .

class of the keeper of the oath in Grim Dawn

The skill of the “custodian of the oath” is available in DLC “Forgotten Gods” and focuses on the use of divine forces. These forces can be light or dark and concentrated specifically on near-battle weapons and shields. The best skill for this will be a soldier so that players can take advantage of commander two-year.

This class is incredibly strong and can make one of the most difficult assemblies for the endguspile, which you could only think about. He is incredibly hardy and strongly maintains retaliatory damage to such abilities as righteous zeal.

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