When the FAZE CLAN made the decision to re hire a 31-year-old Finn “Karrigan” Andersen as the leader in the game, many Counter-Strike: Global offensive fans raised an eyebrow. But after stormy 18 months, the Dane finally entered his – and the name of Faze – with a win at PGL Antwerp Major 2022 in the history books. He is now officially the oldest player in CS: Go who has ever won a major.

This title was previously held by Daniil ‘Zeus’ Teslenko, who won the PGL Major Krakow in 2017 in the storm at the age of 29. Karrigan, however, now lasts this title at the proud age of 32 – and it took a long time.

Karrigan was of course part of the unfortunate FAZE Clan team, who played a 15:9 lead on Inferno in 2018 at the Eleague Boston Major final against Cloud9. At that time, many believed Karrigan’s chance of ever winning a major. However, the IGL never gave up and Antwerp proved to be the last stage – something he has been working on for years.

And it worked. With Karrigan’s leadership both with Nuke and Inferno, the FAZE clan Natus Vincere was able to defeat and win the PGL major trophy for the first time.

“I am stronger than in Boston and I think I have proven that today,” said Dane James Banks in an interview after the game on stage. “Everything I wanted in my life was to win a major, and we did it damn it. I am proud to name all of this, and I’m just so happy where I am. ”

Karrigan also attributed his victory to his long -time girlfriend, who asked him to go to Boston to write his dreams and asked him to reach her.

It is a hellish reparation sheet for someone who was previously so close to win a major, and it is one who is deserved. In view of the Age of Karrigan, however, many are wondering how long the Dane will continue before giving up the keyboard and mouse after reaching the impossible.

Only time will show it, but one thing is clear: If he retires, he will be one of the best leaders in history.