There are many different quests in the MMORPG LOST ARK, for the implementation of which you can get various awards. Sometimes these quests may seem a little confusing and cause a lot of disappointment. Adventure A little live music just happened that one of them.

Lost Ark: A Little Lovely Music Quest Guide

This cooperative quest can be found in roaring Rowe Island south of the continent Verne. It begins every thirty minutes and requires players to “play exciting music” on the dance floor located in the center of the island. The problem with the description of this quest is that it does not indicate what it means to “play exciting music”.

Lost Ark How To Get The Forest's Minuet | Lullaby Island Guide

In fact, you do not need to play any of the songs in your library to perform this quest. When the quest begins, you will need to approach the DJ booth and interact with it . You have only one minute and thirty seconds to fulfill this part of the quest. After that, you will earn a few silver coins that you can use on your journey. By handful, we mean something between silver coins X168 and X503.

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