Anyone who is often on the YouTube video platform will know it: on a few days you get the same advertising in front of your face over and over again. For users who want to support their favorite YouTubers by actually looking at the advertisements, this can of course be quite annoying, which the companies can also harm behind the advertising. Who would like to buy a product that got on your nerves for days? A lot of money is also lost here if a single user is always shown the same advertising.

Stop Seeing The Same Youtube Ad! Over and Over...

YouTube published solution against advertising spam

YouTube itself also noticed that, which is why they now want to offer companies more opportunities to check how often their advertisements are shown to certain users. In February of this year, YouTube published a new project called Display & Video 360, which revolved around advertisements on various apps for smart TVs. This tool is now supported by the new YouTube frequency which companies can use to determine how often their advertisements are displayed, both on the app for smart TVs as well as on mobile devices and in the browser.

_ “You can now add your reach by actively determining a weekly frequency goal – a solution that can only offer YouTube. By combining our unsurpassed target group reach and leading machine learning functions, advertisers can now optimize how often viewers see their ads in a week. This not only means more efficient expenses, but above all a better experience for the audience, “_ explains YouTube in a new blog post.

Of course, the companies themselves have to determine how often their different advertisements are actually displayed. Hopefully these users will not always expose the same advertising again and again, but will rely on more diversity. YouTube has recently published some new features for their platform. For example, the number of dislike was completely removed some time ago, and you can now even give your favorite YouTubers a kind of tip.

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