Warriors Orochi 3 is no longer a new title. It seems that Koei Tecmo Games still have plans for the hack’n’slash game.

The first publication is already far ago. Almost 11 years ago Warriors Orochi 3 was launched for the first time, at that time for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This was followed by various ports for other platforms, such as the PlayStation Portable or Wii U.

A little later the game was again polished up with the addition Ultimate for various Sony consoles and the Xbox One and equipped with additional characters. The last port in the long journey of Warriors Orochi 3 took place in November 2017 for the Switch , just about a year before the publication of his successor Warriors Orochi 4.

After almost five more years, a classification has now appeared in Australia with another name added: Definitive Edition . At the moment, it cannot be said whether this new entry in the classified tables is related to Koei’s corporate goals or is simply fan service.

Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate - Rescue of the Heavenly Emperor (Chaos)

There is also no information about whether this edition will ever reach the shop counters, whether it will be available in all parts of the world and which platforms it serves. So patience is required until information flowed through official bodies.