The Battle Pass Season VII, which is currently being held in the PC version “ World of Tanks ” operated by Wargaming, has started a new chapter “Night Queen” for a limited time on May 12.

In this new chapter, you can get the new premium vehicle “SHPTK-TVP 100” as a finishing reward, and you can also get additional rewards in addition to basic rewards by upgrading additional billing.

The SHPTK-TVP 100, a new vehicle, a new vehicle, a new vehicle, is characterized by a high penetration of 270mm in normal ammunition and 330 mm in reinforced ammunition, and a high-end firepower of 2778 damage in the initial state. So, the performance is generally suitable for money.

In addition, the maximum speed is 55km/h, which is excellent in mobility, and it is possible to secure a good position in the initial movement and change the base after shooting.

On the other hand, it is not good at shooting while exposing the armor and the low HP, and the performance is required to be faithful to the basics of destroyers such as concealment and view.

Battle Pass Season VII: Get a Free Premium Vehicle in the New Time-Limited Chapter!

This chapter is being held from May 12, and the end is about 10 days on May 23.

The PC version “ World of Tanks ” is being distributed on Steam in addition to the official website.