Two months before its broadcast on a streaming platform still fond of video game licenses, even more since she has offered mobile games to her subscribers, Netflix unveils the trailer for the next Resident Evil series.

While the film Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City released last November tried with more or less success to capture the atmosphere and the characters of the origins of the Capcom franchise, this new soberly baptized series resident Evil intends to impose its own Universe, even if the name of the character camped by Lance Reddick, namely Albert Wesker, quickly refers us to the little ethical shenanigans of the large Umbrella laboratory.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness | Official Trailer | Netflix
As previously announced, this series produced by Andrew Dabb (supernatural) will be articulated around the Wesker family and in particular original characters like Jade and Billie, presented as the girls of the favorite antagonist of fans. The action should alternate between two chronologies, one showing the adolescence of Jade and Billie while the other takes place in a future ravaged by the follies of Umbrella. Within a very feminine distribution, we recognize in particular Ella Balinska, who plays the leading role in the Forspoken of Square Enix.