On the Netflix After School YouTube channel, a trailer with personnel from animated series appeared, which will soon see subscribers of a streaming service. The finale first shown Sonic Prime.

This is a show from Sega, Man of Action (Ben 10) and Wildbrain with a very pretty computer graphics and cult heroes like Sonic, Taleza, Amy and Dr. Eggman. There is not enough information about it: in the first season there will be 24 episodes, and the plot was based on multi-seniority with different versions of the characters, which is hinted at the name of the animated series and previously published by one of the artists of the concept art.

Sonic Prime on Netflix FIRST LOOK + Main Cast! (Adventures in the Multiverse??)

Netflix multifaceted at the Sonic Prime concept arts. Hedgehog today is 30 years old

Sonic Prime will be released on Netflix this year.