Gundam Evolution breaks into the competitive scene FPS. In addition to world -famous mobile costumes, he supplies with three familiar game modes to attract new pilots: “capture of points”, “superiority” and “destruction”.

Destruction encounters two teams of six people against each other. Attackers must install and arm megazarades at a key point. The task of preventing this and neutralize any embedded megazarades lies on the defenders. Each match is divided into two rounds, the teams change sides after the first round.

Attacks should destroy one of two targets in the first region. If successful, they will open the second area where there is another set of goals. Again, the attackers must destroy one in order to win the round. After installing the megazarad, attackers will need to protect it until the activation coefficient reaches 100%.

The defenders have two victory conditions. They can either detain the attackers until the time is expired, or neutralize the installed megazer.

There is nothing that players did not see in other games in Destruction. But this simply means that players should be able to immediately start playing without studying completely new game modes.

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