The online showcase of Nexon’s new PC shooting game ‘Project D (gauze)’ was broadcast on the official YouTube and Twitch Channel from 6 pm to 7:30 pm on Friday. In this showcase, the Steam Global Test schedule, new content, and balance work were announced, and users’ answer sessions were held.

▣ June 9 Steam Global Test “Preliminary Reservation from May 26!”

On June 9, ‘Project D’ will be conducted in the Steam Global Test and will begin pre -booking on May 26. After the Alpha Test in December, ‘Project D’, which has been made together with users in the online showcase every month, will be released to shooting game users around the world.

At the same time, it introduced a new semi -automatic sniper gun, M82, with high destructive power. New weapons can be fired 10 shots, and additional ‘ZIT shortcuts’ parts can be installed more effectively. It can be purchased in 6,200 coins and is unlocked when level 5 special equipment is achieved.

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▣ Improvement of matching systems for beginners

Cumulative gameplay has been improved for beginners of less than 10 editions. The users with similar scores between skills and teams have been more sophisticated to match, and they are not “initiative matching” in progress. In addition, you can play the game more conveniently by separating the matching of one, two -thirds, and five people.

The official sound source of ‘Project D’, which is scheduled to be released, also released. The OST, which allows you to feel the game D’s game, can be downloaded with the existing artwork and can be listened to through the official YouTube.

▣ Added weapons, character balancing and weapon resale systems

The company changed the purchase price of weapons such as ‘G17′, MARK 10, and AS VAL, and improved the rebirth, accuracy, and movement speed of weapons. In addition, it is possible to play more strategic game play by adjusting the characters’ lepton (worn ability) and ‘unique lepton’ (character unique ability).

At the same time, we adjusted the melee attack range of Simon, which specialized in melee attacks, and added a weapon resale system to secure coins by selling it in the store with depreciation after using the purchased weapon.

▣ Balance of goods such as MVP additional rewards and upgrade costs

Users who occupy MVP in each round can get an additional 300 coin, and the basic coin is paid 700 coins in the first round, 2000 coins in the second and fourth rounds, and 1000 coins in the 5th to 7th rounds to adjust the balance of goods using the goods. did.

In addition, the funding encouragement system to strengthen the team tactics was paid 20% when the second stage upgrade was paid, and the upgrade cost for each fund was changed.

▣ ‘Project D’ April regular test until May 2

From the end of the showcase to 12 pm on May 2, ‘Project D’ April regular test is conducted, and anyone can participate without a separate tester code. During the test period, the ‘Develop a developer’ event every evening, winning the development team or winning with the development team. Circle)

On the other hand, ‘Project D’ is a third -person shooting game that fights five to five by combining nine distinctive agents in a changing combat environment. Strategic play elements such as the goods obtained from the game based on the bombing mission that explodes or canceled the bomb at the target point, and the unique skill of each character who buys various variables in the game, and the realistic combat action. It is characterized by strengthening.