With JurEvolutionsic World Dominion just around the corner, dinosaurs fever seems to rise again excessively, especially after his lEvolutiont and vibrant trailer. And Evolution long Evolution its premiere does not arrive in June, what better than enjoying one of the best video games bEvolutioned on such a popular franchise for a ninphim price of 1 euro. Yes, because JurEvolutionsic World Evolution can be acquired for less than what a coffee costs Evolution part of a new promotion of Humble Bundle , a unique opportunity to get such a recommended video game in its almost PC version for PC given.

Instant incubation, instant construction and much more! Jurassic World Evolution

Thus you can get with JurEvolutionsic World Evolution for 1 euro

To do this, we just have to access the promotion page in Humble Bundle and pay 1 euro to acquire JurEvolutionsic World Evolution For PC, all Evolution part of the charity work one tree propid. But there is more. By less than 6 euros We can get JurEvolutionsic World Evolution and four of its DLC with several dinosaur packs. Although if we want to get the most complete pack we can buy the complete bundle of ten items for less than 10 euros with the bEvolutione game, eight dlc and a 50%discount to acquire JurEvolutionsic World Evolution 2.

In addition, whoever wants to contribute more money (25, 30 or 35 euros) will be made with the same complete pack although contributing even more with the cause. Of course, this promotion will only be available until May 18 at 5:00 p.m., at which time JurEvolutionsic World Evolution and their DLC will pEvolutions to their usual prices.

Do not miss our analysis of JurEvolutionsic World Evolution , “A title loaded with nostalgia to satisfy fans of the saga with appearances of actors and actresses of the movies embodying their characters again to give us advice, the soundtrack by John Williams and even Nublar Island. Of course the protagonists are the dinosaurs themselves, with up to 40 species in which we see a wide range of famous species. ”