The Gears franchise is definitely a great asset for Microsoft and many fans are waiting for news of a new game potential. Although the Coalition is preparing, the studio allows itself in any case a gentle teasing…


The Abandoned Gears 5 Maps editor

Released in September 2019, Gears 5 is undoubtedly a very good vintage, beautiful as a devil and delightfully nag. But now, three years later, a page already seems to turn: The development studio The Coalition announces the removal of the mode used to create cards, yet a mechanics widely highlighted.

We are removing the #Gears5 maps editor and unlock its successes for all players while the team focuses on future projects.

If you have finished the successes “I Made It All By Myself”, you will receive an exclusive banner and if you have finished “Homegrown Hive”, you will receive 10,000 pieces in the game.

So, we reassure you: the servers obviously remain open and it is always possible to play online game (fortunately, by the way), but this decision indicates that the developers are going to another Something… and in a concrete way. But what, exactly?


Of course, there are a few words that attract attention: The Coalition announces working on “future projects”, without saying more. What we know officially is that the American studio uses Now the Unreal Engine 5… despite the fact that we should not expect _ “the announcement of a new project or title before a certain time” _ (words that date from May 2021).

According to rumors, the organization would have two planned projects : the first would be a kind of first try for the Unreal Engine 5 and obviously an unprecedented license. The second would actually be Gears 6, scheduled for 2024 or 2025. We will obviously try to take tweezers while waiting for a highlighting of The Coalition…

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1 hour ago

Look forward to seeing their 2 in progress projects: Gears 6 and another mystery project… The 2 under Unreal Engine 5, after having made their hands on a graphic demo to fall on the ground, as well as the Demo Matrix Awakens…

These guys are the best on the Unreal Engine and it’s normal they are Epic former!

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